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Email marketing: ways to grow email list with the help of social media

According to the ExactTarget’s Channel Preference survey, not only do 91% of customers check their email at least once a day, but  email marketing was considered to be the third most effective communication channel for lead generation in 2013, with 13% of all leads and the highest click-through rate.

The above data, combined with the fact that email was by far the customer’s most favoured communication channel, shows its real marketing potential and importance to your business.

Growing your customer email list can significantly help your company’s marketing efforts. A great place to start building your customer email list, is social media.

Here are a few tips, which will help you turn your followers into email subscribers:

Use a simple sign-up form

Regardless the size, all businesses should help their most devoted fans to easily subscribe to their email by setting up a simple sign-up form on their social media channels.

Preview premium content on your social channels

Premium, informative and intriguing content created by the business, such as eBooks or infographics, gated with an email sign up form and offered to the customers for free once they become email subscribers, can certainly generate subscribers.

Share an incentive for newsletter sign-ups

In order to encourage more social media followers to become email subscribers, many businesses offer a form of incentive, such as a discount or a free sample, which in many cases is the last, slight push some people need to take an action and subscribe. When posting about an incentive your business offers, make sure to include a strong call to action and an image.

Host webinars to gain subscribers

Hosting a webinar in order to discuss a relevant subject or matter with your audience and followers by a person from your organisation, will not only show the human side of your business, but it will additionally engage your customers and capture leads in the form of email subscribers. Social media can be used to drive traffic to the sign-up form which is collected before a customer enters a webinar.

Hold a contest or a giveaway

One of the most popular and engaging ways of building an email list of customers, is holding a giveaway or competition and promoting it across all your business’s social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. Essentially, this is done in order to increase the number of social media followers who are then converted into email subscribers.

The tips in this post will help you in reaching the people who follow you or your business on social media, and help you in growing your customer email list. This list will ultimately play a significant part in the success of your business and its marketing strategy.