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Woo is an SEO copywriting agency with proven experience in creating copy that propels our clients to the top of SERPs, while ensuring SEO copy appeals to both users and search engines.

E-commerce copy experts

Here at Woo, it’s our industry expertise that sets us apart. Our writers are e-commerce copywriting specialists, having produced content for at least two years either at agencies or in-house for leading brands. They know exactly what it takes to craft copy that will drive product awareness, interest and sales, driving new business and revenue with first-class digital content.

From SEO-targeted product category pages to compelling product descriptions that consumers won’t be able to resist, our copywriting agency can harness the power of copy to drive your e-commerce business forward.

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Branded SEO-friendly e-commerce content

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As an e-commerce copywriting agency, we take time to understand your business, audience personas and commercial goals. This enables us to produce branded content that’s on tone while being focused on generating clicks, likes and shares.

So, whether you’re creating e-commerce copy for SEO, social media or paid channels, we understand how to deliver high-quality e-commerce copywriting tailored for people and search.

There are many benefits to investing in branded content in the e-commerce industry. The best content:

  • is informative and helpful, not invasive
  • conveys your values
  • is optimised for your target keywords
  • is engaging and encourages shares and backlinks
  • makes an emotional connection with readers
  • inspires them to take action

We have helped 100s of clients scale content, improve rankings & increase sales.

Testimonials and 5 Star Reviews

Testimonials and 5 Star Reviews
Dipesh Pattni
Founder and MD, GravitasQ
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“Woo understands how to write content that is on-brand and optimised for search, which ensures we continually see a positive impact on our SEO.”
Simon Schnieders
Founder, Blue Array
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“We’ve been really happy with the content delivered from WooContent. Copy is delivered on time and within budget and they’ve been able to work to some very demanding deadlines.”
Alberto Parrado
Head of SEO, Stellar Search
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"Our collaboration with Woo is great. We have found a sweet spot to collaborate and they are already a key asset for Stellar in terms of providing quality content creation to our clients."

Winning Results


Generation Home

Producing new sales and marketing collateral for Generation Home


Holiday Hypermarket

Implementing a content-led SEO strategy for Holiday Hypermarket



Creating company investment insights for a new investor app, Investwise

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Types of ecommerce copywriting content we offer:

Blog posts

Boost brand recognition, drive more traffic to your site and improve overall SEO metrics with purposeful content.

Landing pages

Effective landing pages require clear, concise ecommerce copywriting and compelling calls-to-action to maximize leads and conversions.

Guest posts

Strong ecommerce copywriting is crucial to a successful link-building strategy. We create guest content with relevant keywords and links.

Product pages

Accurate product descriptions are critical in the later stages of the buying journey. Well-written copy can significantly improve conversion rates.

Category pages

SEO-friendly category pages copy helps customers buying decisions, with specialised copywriting services for ecommerce focused on optimised category and product pages.


Factual and informative guides are essential in today's online shopping world, helping customers make informed decisions.

Tips, tricks and hacks

People are constantly searching online for solutions to their everyday problems, from technical to lifestyle.

White papers

Whitepapers are an effective way to establish your brand as a trusted authority in ecommerce.

Case studies

Sharing social proof through case studies can significantly increase the likelihood of converting browsers into buyers.

Sales brochures

At Woo, we excel in writing persuasive ecommerce copywriting that convinces your audience. We turn your ideas into engaging stories.

Email sequences

Clear, concise messaging is key to maximizing response rates from email marketing.

Our ecommerce copywriting services process:


Good copy starts with planning. Our platform streamlines delivery by providing our ecommerce copywriter team with content calendars, briefs, and relevant style guides.


Our ecommerce copywriters conduct research to gather information needed for in-depth copy. We ensure all references are recent and reliable.


Our experienced writers follow your style guide and in-house best practices to create on-brand, SEO-optimised copywriting services for ecommerce.


Our senior editors, with a strong background in the media, thoroughly review your content to ensure the highest quality.


Why choose our ecommerce copywriting services:

Transparent pricing

No hidden fees, ever. You know exactly what you pay for.

Premium writers only

No compromise on quality, only the best ecommerce copywriters writers for the job.

Quick turnaround

Urgent projects can be delivered within 5-7 days.

High-quality writing talent

Our writers are vetted for talent and industry experience through a rigorous and tried-and-tested process.

Streamlined project management

We match writers to briefs using agile methodology, ensuring the most qualified writers deliver our ecommerce copywriting services.

Senior editors

Our editors ensure your content is on-brand and optimised for SEO.

No plagiarism

All work is checked for plagiarism using a market-leading plagiarism checker.

Two rounds of revisions

We ensure 100% satisfaction before sign-off.

Dedicated account managers

Our team is responsive and dedicated to your satisfaction.

Cloud-based platform

Our platform enables efficient content creation at scale.

SEO experts

Our team has expertise in optimising content for SEO success, building best practice naturally into our content.


As a virtual agency, we can pass on cost savings to clients.

Go to our FAQ page to find answers to the
most common questions we get asked.

SEO Copywriting FAQs

The normal way to start is by telling us exactly what you are looking for and why, at which point we provide you with a quote. Once we agree to work together, we’ll book a call to discuss the project and your requirements – it’s important for us to get to grips with your business and understand your target audience. After that, we’ll get cracking and stay in contact with you on progress, timescales and iterations. Your briefing is your chance to tell us everything that’s important to you about your business, including any examples of copy that you really like, to give us a good overview of what you’re looking for – and it gives us a chance to get to know you! If you don’t have a style guide, we can help you produce one as part of the briefing process.
The length of time will depend on the size and scope of the project. We pride ourselves on our fast turnaround and scalability while producing top-quality content, but whatever the timescale, we’re happy to let you know the best- and worst-case timescales – and we’ll keep you updated regularly along the way.
Keywords are important because they help create a focal point and purpose for your copy. Keywords allow us to create content that not only explains what you do really well, but also in a manner that your target audience will understand. Equally, by creating copy centred around a certain keyword or phrase, it will be easier for your target audience to find your business via your content – and your content is more likely to be in front of them when they’re searching for a product or service like yours.
As part of a content strategy, we’ll work with you to identify key terms or phrases you’re looking to target. We don’t pluck them from thin air; we research and use data to make sure we’re using keywords frequently searched by your target audience. If you already have a keyword strategy in place, then of course we will work with this.
An internal link is a link from one page on your website to another page on your website. The most common example of this is in a navigation bar or in the footer of your website. Internal links help your users navigate your website, but they also work by helping search engines to create a hierarchy, determining which content from your website should be indexed and ranked. Ultimately, they are good for SEO, so every page on your website should link to at least three other pages.

Anchor text is the hyperlinked words used in copy on a website. Anchor text is clickable – usually appearing in blue text and underlined – taking you to another page or piece of content either on your own website or to a reference point on another website.

Domain Authority, also known as DA, is a score ranging from one to 100 that measures your likelihood of a positive ranking on search engines. In essence, if you were to measure two competitor websites based on DA, the one with the higher score would be the most likely to rank higher. It is a metric developed by SEO industry thought leaders www.moz.com.

Our copywriting pricing is competitive, but we have a minimum monthly order value of £500. We can offer you packages that encompass on-page and off-page SEO, so get in touch to find out what we can do for you.

Yes, we can source licensed images to use on your website. We’re here to make your life easier and take away the pain of generating high-quality SEO-friendly content at speed and scale.

Yes, we do. It depends on your needs and the scale of the project, but with our larger clients, we take care of this for them.

Here at Woo, we prefer to work on a medium- to long-term basis rather than identifying quick wins, although these seem to happen naturally. Developing content strategies and making an effort to obtain and create guest-blogging opportunities and relationships takes time, but by focusing on medium- to long-term strategies, the results are ultimately better and longer lasting. Letting us work with you on these projects also gives you more time to focus on the things important to you and your business, and you can let us worry about the boring SEO stuff!

Yes. We also offer link-building, content strategy and blogger outreach support. These elements, along with our copywriting services, all work together towards building your organic ranking profile, and getting your website in its optimum state to rank organically on search engines, giving you free traffic and getting you in front of your target audience.