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Is living in London more expensive than living on a cruise ship?


To generate national and international press coverage for CruiseDeals.co.uk to drive brand awareness, and also build high-quality backlinks to support SEO.

What did we do?

We carried out research to compare the cost of renting in London versus the cost of a 120-day, full-board, round-the-world cruise, supplied by CruiseDeals.co.uk.

What did we do?

The research was based on official average household and leisure data sourced from the Office of National Statistics, CBRE Residential, Thames Water, UK Power, Transport for London, and City of London.

The results showed that it is actually cheaper – by more than £7 a day – to travel the world on a cruise ship than live in London for the same duration. We created a blog article and press release using these findings and seeded this among a target list of national journalists and social influencers.