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Copywriting Tips For Online Retail Success

What is the most important thing that will ensure your online retail business is a success? As well as great products and loyal customers, one of the key aspects is copywriting. Great retail copywriting can help your online retail brand to succeed.

Without strong copy, you won’t be able to sell your products successfully, nor will you be able to attract customers. Effective copywriting is important as it not only advertises your brand and makes it stand out from the competitors, but it also helps your customers understand fully what your brand and your goods or services are about.

If you are finding it difficult to write effective copy for your retail business, or if you are just looking for inspiration to freshen up your copy, read our tips below. Our e-commerce copywriting tips will help you make your products sell even more effectively.

Here’s why it’s important to use a great retail copywriting service for your online business.

  1. A good retail copywriting agency will write copy that enhances your brand’s reputation.
  2. Great copywriting differentiates one brand from another. Brands like ASOS and Boohoo are known for their witty, funky product copy, which makes their brand stand out from the competition.
  3. Good copy results in more sales and revenue.
  4. Strong retail copy can increase your organic traffic, and when combined with good SEO techniques, and effective use of keywords, can get better web traffic to your site.
  5. Good copywriting makes people connect with a brand and makes them want to buy from them.

Unfortunately, there is no set copywriting formula that ensures success; however, there are several copywriting tips for online retail success to keep in mind which many retail brands have used to good effect in the past.

  • It is important to have great product stories
  •  Don’t write about products in too much detail – you don’t want to bore your customers
  • Equally, make sure you write enough so that your customers get all the relevant info they need on a particular product.

A good product story has a mix of everything – a strong emotional message, a short story about company success, and some clever wordplay.

Content with overly flowery or poetic copy, unclear descriptions, excessive terminology and too many adjectives are some of the mistakes copywriters make with e-commerce retail copywriting. The following points should also be kept in mind:

  1. Clear copy is essential to convert people. Writing clearly will help customers stay focused; otherwise, they can get confused, which will distract them from their buying journey.
  2. Something that is obvious or funny to you might not go down well with your customers.
  3. You must present customers with crisp, clean copy.

Speak your customers’ language

It is important that you speak your customers’ language, and do it in a way that makes people understand you are a real person. You are a brand, and you should not forget that the main function of your business is to sell products. Make sure that the terms and phrases you use are suitable, common and easy to understand, otherwise people will not be impressed.

Find your niche

Copywriting niche-specific content is a good strategy for both SEO and gaining traffic. Writing about an extensive range of niche-specific topics will be good for your retail traffic.

Long-tail keywords that link to your product-led keywords are very good for web traffic. Giving answers to specific customer questions about your products can help in educating and engaging with them.

You can also write blogs around important topics that are related to your niche. For instance, if you sell custom scarves, you can create content around customisable gift ideas, how to style up a boring outfit, different scarf materials, the best scarves for men, Mother’s Day gift ideas, and so on.

How you present your brand is important

Where and how you present your brand is important. Your words and language impacts people, and the image they have about you. Therefore it is important that you choose the right way to talk to your customers.

Your copy positioning should depend on audience research and market research. You want to present a known and important image to your customers, making sure you do not isolate any single customer group. Focus groups, user testing and getting feedback on product pages and blogs is an efficient technique to get real-time advice from your real audience.

Talking to your customers is not hard, but it is important that you think from a customer perspective, too. Any e-commerce copy must be clear, engaging and bring in sales. If you need help with your e-commerce content, please get in touch with us today. Good luck!