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The top fashion influencers to work with in 2018

Forbes last year predicted an influencer marketing explosion in 2017. And with 86% of women now participating in social media research before making a purchase, it’s clear to see why brands of all sizes are investing time and money into such campaigns. In fact, a recent study revealed that just 4% of UK marketing professionals have neglected to allocate any budget for influencer marketing over the next 12 months. It’s clear that influencer marketing is a worthwhile investment for brands across multiple industries – and none more so than fashion. From […]

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the power of postcards

The power of postcards – message over immediacy

After hearing the news that Britain’s oldest postcard publisher is ceasing business at the end of 2018, we’re feeling nostalgic. The power of postcards goes far beyond a somewhat snail-paced way of keeping in touch when on holiday, both historically and today. We explore how postcards have made an impact on the world and continue to, even in the immediacy of the digital age. The background of the postcard The postcard publisher that’s closing its doors is J Salmon of Kent, a family-run business who, along with its competitors, […]

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good copywriting

The good, the bad and the ugly of copywriting

You can spend an exorbitant amount of money on a snappy website design that’s so adaptable it can even shift into another dimension, but if your content fails to pass the test your whole brand will score an F. Just because you’re a good reader doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a good writer, which is why enlisting the help of quality copywriters is so essential. In 2013, Real Business conducted a study that revealed 59% of Brits wouldn’t use a company whose website has overt grammatical errors and misspellings. Which, […]

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translation gone wrong

Hilarious Examples of When Translation Has Gone Drastically Wrong

Globalisation is a big aspiration in today’s world, which is more connected than we could have ever foreseen. Despite the fact that the grasp of English continues to grow globally, reaching potential clients and end users in their native language can do a lot to improve engagement. While translation might seem a straightforward process, each language has its own idioms and traits. Similarly, many of the English language’s quirks, slang and parlances don’t have any correlation to the language of your target markets. Let’s look at some examples […]

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Copywriting helps London commuters smile

How copywriting has helped London commuters smile

It’s not good to enough these days for copywriters to just sell their product, they have to intrigue, to catch attention, to be memorable and to make their audience smile. And one marketing platform unlike any other, where copywriters have the unique opportunity to do just that, is the tube. Over 1 billion people travel through a London tube station annually, making this market larger than almost any other travel industry in the UK. Knowing that copywriters have a fantastic moment to capture the attention of millions of […]

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5 stand out journalists to look out for in 2018

With the shortlist for this year’s ‘New Journalist of the Year’ recently announced ahead of the British Journalism Awards, we’re looking at our top five picks of the best in up-and-coming journalistic talent. Covering everything from unique political insights to pop culture commentary, these are some of the brightest new minds in UK journalism. Gabriel Pogrund – The Sunday Times Take a look at Pogrund’s work so far and it’s easy to see why he’s made the BJA shortlist. Former editor of The London Tab, Gabriel Pogrund writes […]

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25 copywriting do’s

Good copywriting is an expert blend of craftsmanship, expertise and boldness. Do it well, and you can create a trustworthy brand people know they can rely on. Do it poorly, and not only will nobody know what your company and product are all about, they won’t care. To make it big in the copywriting world, here are 25 do’s to help your content do its job, and do it well. 1. Proofread The importance of proofreading your content can’t be stressed enough. Double-checking grammar, spelling and sentence syntax […]

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Winston Churchill had a way with words

6 Historical figures who had a way with words

When devising your next captivating brand strategy and perfecting your communication, it’s no secret that good wording is key. A muddled message that fails to inspire risks being remembered for its mediocrity, or worse – being forgotten altogether. Many of history’s most notable figures have made their claim to fame with words as much as with actions. Just a glimpse at the history books is often all it takes to assure yourself that, with the right wording and careful delivery, nations, politicians and entire movements can bring about […]

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fashion titles clicks

5 fashion titles that will get you clicks

The very basis of fashion is founded by a desire to stay up to date with trends, so it’s no surprise the industry has adapted to the demands of the digital age. Both brands and influencers are in constant competition to generate online content that offers a fresh perspective and inspires engagement from its audience. Attracting a steady stream of organic traffic becomes an increasingly difficult task within such a saturated industry, yet there are a few article topics that promise to generate interest season after season. A […]

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craft killer press release

How to craft a killer press release

In a high-tech world, old tactics still impact digital PR – the press release is a prime example. However, instead of using them to gain recognition through print as brands did in the past, the press release is now even more important in the online realm. As an integral part of any successful link building strategy, the art of writing a press release can quickly take your brand from a limping link profile to a diverse influx of high-quality links. You just need to know how to craft […]

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