Content Writing Services

Content is the driving force behind your website gaining links, likes and shares in an age of digital media saturation. It’s therefore imperative you treat content as an asset and invest in quality alongside quantity.


The world is online now and if you want to stay relevant, you need a digital footprint that accurately portrays your business.


Gaining and maintaining a large audience will, in part, depend on your ability to create representative and optimised content that engages browsers, converting them into customers.


WooContent is an expert at turning businesses into brands through creative content strategies and performance copywriting.


Most people can write, but not everyone can be a copywriter, which is why we have a select team of experts who hail from a wide range of backgrounds.


Audiences and search engines know the difference between good copy and content that has merely been crafted with a view to yielding large numbers of views and links. The secret to genuine online presence growth is to get the perfect blend of engaging articles, industry authority and brand voice.


WooContent’s writing team is as diverse as it is talented, with professionals coming from all walks of life and industries. From travel aficionados to financial services savants, we have a knowledgeable specialist for everything, which is why our customers keep returning to us.


We wanted to create a model that would allow for faster planning, content creation and publishing, which is why WooContent works with a cloud-based platform. When deadlines are of the utmost importance, this streamlined approach proves exceptionally effective.

We approach new work in three phases:

  •   Research – customer profiling and content strategy planning
  •   Ideation – competitor profiling, trend analysis, keyword identification and content brainstorming
  •   Creation – content scheduling, brand voice research and SEO elements.


By sending everything directly to your CMS you always remain in control and informed.



Not all content is created equal, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to content creation, which is why WooContent offers a wide range of options, including:


Landing Pages

Tired copy is a sure-fire way to ensure people click away from your website, which is why we can freshen up your landing pages to entice further reading. Fully SEO optimised and designed with the user experience in mind, our copy is geared to conversions.


Product and Category Pages

Straight to the point but with a subtle injection of your company’s personality, our writers can craft product descriptions that really work.


Blog Posts

We consider ourselves experts when it comes to blog posts. Whether published on your website or as guest posts, our words clearly communicate what you’re trying to say, in the right tone of voice and to your dream audience.



Perfect for B2B, B2C and more technical industries, eBooks are a useful resource that we are able to produce to exacting standards.


Press Releases

Getting your message or exciting news out into the world is one thing, but doing it with the perfect amount of excitement is something else. Our PR and storytelling content is geared towards maximum exposure.


What is a copywriter?

A skilled professional who can create various types of content for different marketing purposes. Adept at structure, grammar and brand voice management, these are the experts that will be crafting all of the written components of a content strategy for you.


Why do I need to buy copywriting services?

Having a professional copywriter on side saves you time and, in the long run, money. Skilled at creating fully SEO-optimised articles, copywriters take a brief and turn it into something powerful and useful in a far shorter time than most people, while always being aware of the intended audience.


Which industries do you write for? 

You name it and we have probably already written exceptional content for it! We have taken the time to pull together a phenomenally diverse team of copywriters, each of which has specific competencies and expert subjects. Nobody is a ‘general copywriter’ at WooContent.


How do I brief a copywriting agency?

Information is key at the briefing stage, so please include everything, no matter how insignificant it might initially seem to you. We need to understand who you are, what you do, who you do it for and if there are other audiences you want to attract. We also need to get a feel for your brand voice, so the more you can tell us, the better. Your ideas for your content strategy will be very appreciated, too, as we can build on those initial thoughts and shape something really special.


How many change requests are included?

As many as you need. 100% customer satisfaction is non-negotiable.


How long will it take to write my copy? 

Every content package is different, but depending on the size and complexity of your project, we can often turn pieces around in just a few days. We will always give you a timeframe.


Who owns the copyright to the work?

Once you have approved and paid for copy, it is yours to do with as you wish. It cannot be reproduced, distributed or used by anybody else, and we don’t claim any rights over the final pieces of work.


I have a limited budget – can you still help?

We have a minimum order value of £1,000, but this can be split into many pieces, given that our content starts at just £15. You don’t have to commit to a full packet of content at the start, either, so if you’d like to spread your purchase over an extended period of time, we can make that work.


Can you take on projects at short notice?

Yes. Our cloud-based platform allows us to work quickly and our team of copywriters is adept at producing high-quality work at lightning-fast speed.


What copywriting experience do you have?

As a team, we have more than 50 years’ experience in the content-production sphere.


Will you write a free sample for me?

We don’t complete free samples, but are more than happy to show you examples of previous work.


Can you work at my premises?

We can certainly travel to your office for all-important brainstorming sessions, and in most cases you’ll be able to communicate directly with your allocated copywriter, too, to ensure a seamless experience.


Do you hire out your writers?

We’re afraid not. We know that our writers are fantastic, which is why you are able to access their work through project fees and monthly retainers. WooContent is an entire team, so you work with us all.


What about confidentiality?

We have strict NDAs in place to protect everybody concerned.


How much does copywriting cost?

This is one of those ‘how long is a piece of string’ questions. A typical retainer client pays between £2,000-£6,000 per month, which includes a mix of various services, from SEO optimisation to link building and content creation. Every client is an individual though, which means it’s almost impossible to compare and contrast packages. Your project will be entirely tailored to you, with a cost that reflects the activities undertaken.


How do you take payment?

BACs, PayPal and credit-card payments are all accepted.