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Content marketing budgets set to increase in 2014

A recent survey carried out by the Content Marketing Institute and Direct Marketing Association found that approximately 64 per cent of marketers in the UK expect to increase their budgets in 2014.

This is supported by the findings that companies investing in high-quality content marketing were highly successful in 2013. The focus for content marketers this year has been primarily on creating high-quality content that can be shared across social channels.

The success of content marketing in the UK is apparent, with 94 per cent of all marketers adopting content marketing into their campaigns.


Leading content marketing companies have stressed that future success will be partially determined by major social media campaigns to help maximise the effectiveness of quality content.

Twitter and LinkedIn were widely seen as the most effective social platforms for distributing content, with Facebook coming a near third. This will come as interesting news to content marketing agencies who are yet to tap into the world of LinkedIn.


The survey reported that 49 per cent of content marketing companies were concerned with their ability to produce content that engages users, while 57 per cent anticipated that creating enough content would be their primary problem.

Surprisingly, the most successful companies have made it clear that producing high quality content isn’t their main concern but rather the ability to create enough content that will do well.