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Content marketing blogs worth following

The modern consumer wants to get to know you before they commit to your brand, making blogs important places for you to woo them with your content. And where best to look for inspiration and to stay up to date with trends than other content marketing blogs?

Showing just how much the content you write online says about your brand, a study by Dragon Search cited 61% of consumers’ purchasing decisions as being influenced by custom content. Even a seasoned content marketer may be surprised by what they don’t know in today’s incredible online marketplace. We suggest following a few key blogs that cover everything you need to know:


WooContent is for the wordsmith in you, with a specific focus on how to write compelling content. Covering all aspects of content writing and content marketing, it’s particularly good for copywriters or those looking for tips on how to write their own content.

The blog covers a range of topics from ’25 copywriting do’s’ to ’How to craft a killer press release’ or ’The top fashion influencers to work with in 2018‘.

One of the best things about the WooContent blog is that there’s something to interest everyone, from beginners just starting out, to more experienced writers. The information is concise, easily digestible and gives helpful links to further reading. It’s clear that the advice comes from an agency of seasoned writers and content marketers.



Convince and Convert

Convince and Convert is a great all-round blog, covering a broad range of topics. For us however, it’s their social media content that particularly stands out. Luckily, they have a handy little filter to help refine your search.

C&C covers every element of social media you could possibly need, and specifically discusses individual platforms. This gives readers great insight into how to differentiate their content marketing strategy across different social media channels.

They undertake their own research and have social media experts on hand to write about important developments and key events as they happen, as well as give you advice on how to respond.


Marketing Interactions

Marketing Interactions is the blog to follow for those with a B2B content marketing focus. It instructs readers about the dos and don’ts of planning, creating and implementing B2B content marketing. What’s particularly useful about this blog, however, is that it provides you with a background for each topic it discusses. Marketing Interactions places B2B content marketing problems in a real life context, making potentially dry and complicated subjects more interesting and understandable.

Its blog posts also provide helpful suggested improvements for the topic at hand by year. This allows you to see how trends are developing and may even help you formulate your next move.

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Smart Insights

If you’re looking to truly understand the market you’re writing content for, Smart Insights is there you and is relevant for both B2B and B2C readers. The blog covers digital marketing topics such as predicted ’Digital trends‘, Mobile marketing statistics and ‘how to’ guides, from ’3 easy steps to optimise your website for mobile’ to ’How to score SEO points‘. They also often have insider interviews with industry experts.

One of the many things that makes Smart Insights stand out are the infographics. This visual element of the Smart Insights blog not only breaks up blocks of text but makes large amounts of data easily digestible. Their visual representation of numerical information means that Smart Insights can communicate complex messages and trends to their readers, with little effort on the reader’s part.
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Following these blogs is sure to help keep your finger on the content marketing pulse. By doing so, you can ensure that you’re making brilliant content that your users will find value in.

Of course, as you’re reading this, then the Ad-Rank blog is hopefully one you follow too. If you like what we say then get in touch to find out how we can help with your content marketing and SEO strategies.