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Our blog at WooContent contains the very best thoughts and analysis from the world of content marketing and copywriting.

16th November 2012
Your company blog: important online real estate

Having a well-maintained blog is important to a company’s long term SEO success, and this is something often overlooked by small-to-medium-sized businesses. High quality content that is engaging, educational and well written is much more likely to engage with people, have them trust your brand and return to your site. It also brings all-important shares […]

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15th November 2012
Google’s free cloud music service is a contender for Apple users

Google launched its new music service without much fuss or commotion earlier this week. However, Apple probably have good cause to be alarmed; Google is now offering essentially the same music service that Apple’s "Match" apparently does, except that it’s completely free of charge. Apple Match allows users to upload all their music to iCloud, […]

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14th November 2012
Google squares off with Microsoft on patent license trial

This year has been hot for lawsuits involving the big tech giants. With Apple duking it out with Samsung earlier this year, Google is now battling Microsoft in court for payment for its Motorola patents. The license in question concerns innovations Google has made in video coding and connectivity that Microsoft utilises for their products. […]

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13th November 2012
Steve Sinofsky leaves Microsoft

In a shocking move, following the release of Windows 8, one of the chief executives behind Microsoft has left his post. In a news announcement released on their website, Microsoft stated that there was to be a change in order to push their ‘next wave of products’. Steve Sinofsky had been an executive at the […]

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9th November 2012
YouTube algorithm change will reward teasers

Coming up in a few paragraphs, news of a change to YouTube’s algorithm which will rank videos by time watched rather than the number of views. But first, put yourself in the scruffy tennis shoes of the cable TV producer. You have sixty minutes of air to fill, a handful of fleetingly dramatic home video […]

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25th October 2012
Kindle Fire HD to be sold at cost

Amazon have announce that they intend on making zero profit on their latest mini tablet offering - the Kindle Fire HD. The highly successful non HD version of the tablet has been responsible for pushing the smaller 7” tablet market to the mainstream, prompting Apple to enter with its long-awaited and soon-to-be-announced iPad Mini. Amazon […]

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22nd October 2012
A week of exciting announcements

This week will see a number of new tech products being released from the likes of Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Google and LG. Many experts have been speculating that this may be the most important week for tech gadgets in recent history as the 4G network finally rolls out across the UK. Apple are expected to […]

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18th October 2012
EU watchdogs tell Google to revise privacy policy

EU regulators CNIL have requested that Google change their privacy policy or face possible legal action. CNIL, a French regulator carried out an investigation into Google’s privacy policy after the search giant consolidated 60 separate privacy policies into one agreement. This move allowed the merging of data from all Google products – Youtube, Google+ and […]

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17th October 2012
Authorship and SEO

In the early days of search, Google saw all links as equally important, allowing for SEO practitioners to manipulate the system using black-hat techniques. As a result, the legitimacy of links had to be called into question by Google, who created algorithms to analyse the relevance and quality of links as well as use other […]

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15th October 2012
The importance of on-page SEO

Before businesses adopt search engine optimisation techniques to optimise their websites, they must focus on their on-page optimisation. On page SEO refers to the process of optimising the content on your website, which includes the copy, video, links, and images on the whole website. Anything that is uploaded on to your website can be considered […]

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