Content Hubs

Advertisers must become brand publishers in order to develop a sustainable online presence.

What are content hubs?

82% of customers have a more positive outlook on a company after reading custom content, so it’s more important than ever to be recognised as a leading authority in your industry.

But what are content hubs and how can they be used for commercial gain?

A content hub is a collection of content on a brand’s website that relates to a specific topic or area. Offering advice, tips and guides in different formats, it’s a great way to keep audiences engaged. And by including links to products or services, you can ensure audiences have all of the info they need.

The benefits.

Nowadays, audiences are looking for more than just a sale and want to know that brands care – building a content hub is the way to show this. By creating content that tailors to your audience’s interests, it will encourage repeat visitors as they feel they’re getting more. As the brand becomes more useful, an increase in engagement, traffic and hot leads is inevitable.

Creating the hub.

The first step is research and planning. Identifying your audience and their interest is vital to making your hub successful.


A tip is to consider the questions that audiences have surrounding your industry or brand and provide the answer.


When creating your content hub, make sure it is clear with a simple layout. People must be able to easily navigate around the page and also access other tabs, too.

Making the call.

As well as informing your audience, it’s vital to include calls to action.


When discussing an issue that your product or service provides a solution for, including a link to it can lead to that all-important increase in sales.


Producing content that is relevant, consistent and useful can be challenging when focusing on the running of your brand. Finding the right content agency can make all the difference…

Our approach.

At WooContent, we understand that the key to a successful content hub is giving users the information they need to support buying decisions, and to help them get more our of the products and services they have already purchased.

Our content strategists apply a methodology that aligns content production closely with your wider digital marketing objectives, which could encompass channels such as SEO, social media and email, and paid channels such as native advertising and PPC.

Research – identifying and understanding investor and donor personas, defining content goals

Ideation – keyword research, trend analysis, competitor analysis, brainstorming

Creation – content calendars, style and tone-of-voice guidelines, optimisation.

Our experts.

Specialising in content strategy and SEO copywriting, our team at WooContent is experienced in creating valuable hub content that attracts new customers. A core part to our value proposition is that our writers have specific industry experience, having previously worked for a brand or publisher. This translates into customised, standout content that connects your brand with your target audience. In an online world saturated with generic content, it’s imperative your copy is produced by experts in their industry, not just good copywriters. WooContent can help you make a difference online.

The Woo factor.

Your content will be…

  • Written by industry experts who understand your language
  • Optimised for people and search
  • Delivered at speed and scale

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