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Captivating cinemagraphs make your brand stand out from the crowd.
Enchanting and cost-effective, cinemagraphs have the power to outshine traditional content – conjuring intrigue and fuelling engagement.
Bring your images to life with striking detail that catches the eye in an instant and leaves the competition in the dark.

What are cinemagraphs?

Cinemagraphs are still photographs transformed into a living moment by a seamless loop of movement. When crafted by experts, cinemagraphs give the appearance of an infinite animation. The result is an innovative, bite-size alternative to traditional content that your audience will share again and again.

A cinemagraph is created using either a series of photographs or a video recording. Both methods can capture organic motion in the image, so the natural movement and stillness can just be enhanced as needed. Make water fall, eyes blink or wind blow. Once placed in a series of looping frames, the sharp and striking movement will demand viewers' attention longer than any still image.

At WooContent we’re experts in motion design, capable of creating captivating cinemagraphs that beg to be shared. Speed, direction and image background can all be manipulated to create unique and imaginative content. By delivering flawless motion on a seamless loop, we’ll perfectly capture your brand message so you can make an instant impact.
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The benefits of cinemagraphs

  • Their bite-size format makes them easy to share
  • Small but impactful movements capture viewers' attention in an instant
  • Cost-effective and quick to engage compared to video
  • Captivating content demands attention longer than a still image
  • Intriguing and shareable, boosting social media presence and engagement
  • Seamless loops deliver brand messages in an instant.
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Our Approach

1. Consultation

At WooContent we craft impactful and engaging content that makes your brand stand out. During your consultation, we’ll help you find the right direction for your project and get started with planning. You may already have a series of still images you would like us to enhance, but we’re also happy to capture images or video for you.

2. Design

Once preparation is complete, we will begin designing based on the ideas discussed during your initial consultation. Throughout this process we will enhance movement or stillness where required, guiding your design while encouraging input as we carefully craft the finished work.

We will deliver the most detailed and striking image possible based on your audience preferences. Our aim is to capture their attention, deliver your message and encourage engagement, and all in the blink of an eye.

3. Delivery

Once your cinemagraph is complete, it will be delivered in an MPEG4 format to make it easy to share on social media. Need a different format? Let us know and we’ll try to accommodate your request. Upon final delivery of your cinemagraph, simply post where required and watch your engagement soar.

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How long does it take you to deliver cinemagraphs?

5 days for every 5 ordered.

Do you supply images?

Yes, we can provide licensed stock images, or we can take photos of your products – see our product photography service.

Do you offer bulk-buy discounts?

Yes we do, up to 20% discount for orders above 50 cinemagraphs.

Am I allowed revisions?

Yes, up to three revisions.

Which file formats are provided?

Each cinemagraph is provided as an MPEG4 video. If you require a GIF, please contact us.

Do you offer refunds?

Not after the point at which you agree to the image provided or supplied by us.
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  • James Russell

    "WooContent create seo-friendly content that my clients love. They are great strategists and always help me shape campaigns that deliver great results."

    12 Feb 2020
  • Matthew Pedley

    "As an engineering business, our copywriting needs are very technical. WooContent grasped what we needed early on and were able to produce sharp copy that helps our website stand out online. Highly recommended!"

    12 Feb 2020
  • Assad

    "As a recruitment business, it's not easy to source good content from people who understand your industry. These guys understand recruitment and our sector, and they delivered high-quality content on time. Reasonably priced too. Thank you and will definitely be using them again."

    14 Feb 2020
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