The world of business is ever-changing. Companies are continuously coming up with innovating ways to market themselves to potential customers. One such innovation is guest posting. Guest posting involves publishing your articles to host sites, to increase your readership and traffic to your website.

The material you submit should be similar in subject matter as the host and offer a new point of view for the readers. Some of the most sought-after hosting sights include Benzinga, Forbes and Harvard Business Review. For bloggers, this is fantastic news.
Being featured as a guest poster is validation that your work is insightful and brings something to the subject under discussion. You can leverage the traffic of the website you are posting to and redirect it your way. You not only amass a large following, but you will also gain credibility within your niche. All these factors when put together eventually point to one thing: more money in your pocket.

So, why are you not getting invitations to guest post? Well, you must not be doing one or all, of the things below. Here is a list of things you must do right before people start asking you to contribute to a guest post service.

1. It starts with planning

The reason to venture into the world of guest posting is to generate traffic and diversify your revenue stream. However, not all traffic is relevant to you. Look for websites that will add value to your work. The subject matter on the guest site should be in line with what you write. Posting gardening tips on the Financial Times website will not work. Create a shortlist of potential sites then opt for the one with the highest Domain Authority (DA) for the best results.

2. Determine the credibility of your host

A website may have high Domain Authority, but is the information on it credible? As a guest blogger, you need to associate with webpages that are authorities in that particular subject matter. Sites such as TechCrunch are highly regarded in the technology space. Having your blog appear on this website, inspires confidence to potential readers and gives you an edge over your competition. In case you are unsure of who to approach, you can always employ the services of a guest post agency. They have great connections to the most trusted partners in different fields.

3. It’s OK to be different

You have written guest -post content on a particular site because they need a different perspective for their readers. So, it’s vital that you maintain your unique style of writing. It creates a welcome respite from the norm and makes your article stand out more. Companies rely on a guest posting service to keep their content fresh. Remember, guest posting is a win-win situation. By being unique, you pique the interest of your new readers, and they will want more.

4. Understand your audience

Guest posting opens a new domain for you. Keep in mind that by being in a new realm, the rules of engagement change. Take time to understand the language and tone of voice used on the site. What is OK on your blog site may not necessarily be acceptable here. Read through some of the other guest posts to understand the type of audience you are addressing.

5. Have a killer introduction

You can never go wrong with a compelling introduction. Try as much as possible to grab your readers’ attention at the beginning of your article, because it is vital in determining whether they will finish it or drop off halfway through. Having a question as your introduction will make the reader curious. In this state, visitors to the site will be more inclined to continue reading.

6. Let them know who you are

The readers of the website do not know you. It is only courteous to give them a brief of who you are. Key points to focus on are your name, business and subject-matter expertise. You will connect better with your audience and establish your credibility. Backlinks to your LinkedIn profile or portfolio are a great way to inspire confidence.

7. Go social

Social media has become integral in creating visibility. As part of your agreement with your host site, ask them to promote your article within their online communities. Facebook, Instagram and WeChat all boast more than a billion users. Promoting your content on these platforms is a sure way of increasing your reader numbers and acquiring new traffic.

8. It’s a numbers game

Now that your post is live, it is time to monitor its performance. Alexa and Google Analytics offer in-depth statistics on the performance of websites. Your guest posts are supposed to bring traffic to your domain. By looking at the performance of your article on different host sites, you have a clearer picture on where to concentrate your effort. The information will also help you in optimising your future guest posting strategy.

You are in it for the long haul

The articles you submit are now online of different host sites, and traffic is steady. However, all this can change if you do not maintain a steady flow of articles. People are always on the lookout for fresh content. Create a submission schedule to help you manage your workflow. By producing new material regularly, you will build a loyal fan base, which can in turn result in a new marketplace.

Finally, always perform quality checks. Search engine algorithms are ever-changing. Refresh your backlinks and associate with high-ranking hosting sites to maintain a steady ranking. Blogging is not a solo act. You can always seek help from a guest post agency to be ahead of your completion. Regular investment in a link building service or guest post service will bear fruit in the long run.

Over the years, the world of guest blogging has grown into one of the most sought-after and effective ways of building links. Seeing the impact of guest posts on marketing campaigns, most people have decided to join the bandwagon, but without knowing what it really entails or even doing it right.

Some people think it’s really easy, but it’s not. Guest posting is a lot more than just writing an article and throwing in a couple of links. You’ll learn that the hard way if you’ve put in the work to write a post and it gets rejected by the blog editor of the target blog. That can be disappointing, plus you will have wasted your time.

So, to fine-tune your guest posting strategy, we’ll be giving you some tips to improve your chances of getting that guest post accepted and published. Basically, the do's and don’ts of guest posting.

DO make sure to read some of the posts from the blog before sending anything. You stand a great chance of having your post accepted and published if it’s similar to the type of content they post. You need to pay attention to things like reading level (beginner or advanced), word count, and tone (humorous, formal, informal, and so on). And if there are publishing guidelines, make sure you read them first, and follow them. You are not exempt from the guidelines.

DO respond to emails. If your target blog sends you emails, reply to them. Even if they did not approve your submission, it’s always good to follow through, to retain a good reputation.

DO form a relationship before you write. Although this is not entirely necessary, if you’re trying to get your guest post published on one of the more exclusive blogs, you’ll stand a greater chance with the editors if they already know you. Link to the blog from your site, comment on the blog, interact with the writers/editors/readers on the blog, and engage with the editors on social media.

DON’T send them an email asking what they think you should write. Provide them with some article topic ideas. They’ll let you know if your choices are not suitable. And if they have something specific that they want you to write about, they’ll let you know.

DON’T write an existing post. Ensure that your guest post is not so rudimentary, or a post that virtually everyone has seen before, or one which is readily available through a Google search. If you do this, you’ll end up boring the editor of the blog or their readers. Also, duplicating a familiar article is bad for SEO.

DO write a title that’s just as powerful as your content. There are times when the title of a guest post is powerful but the content turns out to be a damp squib. Ideally, a great title that clearly states what to expect from a blog post, along with some sub-headings that are well placed, can improve a post greatly, even if you don’t change the content.

DON’T demand that they publish your submission. It’s at the blog owner’s discretion to decide whether your article is a good fit for their blog or not. If they decide that it isn’t, you can offer to replace it, but don’t demand that they publish it.

DO send some images for the post. If your post requires some images or screenshots, then make sure you send them. This will save the blog editor the stress of having to look for images for your post. If you’re submitting a case study or something similar, include a graph or table to show your data.

DON’T add too many links. If you stuff your articles with links, there’s a good chance it will be rejected. The fact that you're guest posting for the backlink does not mean you should give the editor the impression that you’re using them. The only time you should link to your site is if it’s relevant to the topic. Or else, keep your links for the bio. There’s a point when you don’t get as much traffic from too many links on a single page.

DO send guest posts to blogs covering your area of expertise. If you don’t have a good grasp of the topic you want to write about, you might end up writing a post that already exists. If you want to build links outside your niche, you need to find a way to make it relevant.

DON’T submit articles that are not relevant to the blog. Ensure that you submit only articles that align with what the readers of the blog want. Before submitting your article, carry out your research on the blog to find out their niche.

DO edit your article before submission. The blog owner should not be responsible for editing your grammar, paragraph placement, word choice, or the general flow of the article. You should have taken care of these things when you were writing the article. You could get someone to edit and proofread it for you before you send it in. A second opinion is always a good thing.

DON’T send the same guest post to numerous blogs. Blog editors don’t want content that you’ve sent to other blogs. If you’re repurposing an article you’ve written in the past, ensure that you make significant changes to it, even if it’s going to be the same theme.

DON’T be discouraged. If your submission is not accepted, send them a polite email asking what you should fix or change. Work on those things but keep on writing and submitting your articles to other blogs.

If you follow through on these tips, you will be building your reputation as a writer and getting your guest posts accepted and published will be easier to manage. If you think this is too much stress for you, you could outsource to our guest post agency. Your business will be better for it.

If you would like to find out how our services could be of benefit to your business, feel free to get in touch with us.

If you’re currently guest blogging then you must have realised the importance of guest posts as an effective lead-generation strategy. A lot of bloggers and businesses don’t guest-blog because they believe creating content for other blogs or websites is a waste of time and effort that they’d rather invest in publishing on their own sites. They're missing the larger picture.

Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways a guest post service can boost traffic on your site. If you’re having doubts about the usefulness of guest blogging to your business, then this guide is for you. And if you want to add guest blogging to your repertoire and are wondering how to start, then this guide should be interesting to you as well.

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about using guest posts to improve traffic on your website. Let’s get into it.

Contact Credible Blogs Only

When you contact prospective blogs, ensure that they're credible. The fact that a site is relevant to your brand and has the same target audience does not automatically mean it’s one you should write for.

First, check if the site is full of ads. Seeing a huge number of ads on a website is a turn-off for most people. Plus it could hurt the credibility of your brand.

You also need to research potential blogs. Look for sites with lots of website traffic. A big-name brand that is known as an authority in your industry is obviously credible, and they will have plenty of traffic.

Posting frequency is also an important factor to consider. If they post just once a month, then it’s safe to say that they don’t have a strong audience to drive a lot of traffic. Reach out to bloggers who post more frequently, who have better traffic and stronger engagement. Since their audience visits the site more regularly, your guest posts will be seen by more people and you’ll experience more traffic on your site.

Write For Websites That Are Relevant To Your Brand

You need to think about the relevance of the prospective blog or website to your brand. If you’ve been contributing guest posts for some time and you haven’t noticed any marked improvement in traffic to your website, it's essential that you evaluate the sites you’ve been guest blogging for.

Even though there’s room for some flexibility, your guest posts won’t be in any way beneficial to you if they are published on the wrong sites. Always ensure that you go for only those guest posting opportunities that align with your niche and vision for your brand and don’t be afraid to politely reject the ones that don’t fit.

A Strong Introduction Counts

Your introduction is actually what persuades people to read your post to the end. A catchy and engaging headline combined with a great intro gets your readers hooked, and will ensure that they read the rest of your article. And if that is good as well, they’ll click over to your website in search of more interesting articles.

There are a couple of approaches you can apply in your introduction to make the reader stay the course and read to the end. Ask a question or state an interesting statistic or fact in your intro. This will pique your readers’ interest. Identifying a problem and suggesting a solution is also a great tactic. Talking about a subject your readers can relate to also helps a great deal. It sets the tone for a lot of engagement and discourse in the comments section.

If you apply this technique to your guest posts and writing in general, you’ll find that more and more people will read your posts and visit your website.

Add Links to Your Website

This is the whole essence of guest posting, isn’t it?

Links are the easiest way for people to navigate to your website. Include natural links within the content of your guest posts. This way, you’ll be building a lot of backlinks, and doing it correctly will take readers straight to your site.

Apart from generating a good amount of organic traffic for you, having backlinks to other credible websites will also have a positive impact on your SEO strategy.

Be Unique

Ensure that the quality of your guest posts is top-notch. You’ll be writing for new readers so you should want to impress them with the quality of your work. Your guest posts should be a mirror of what you have on your website, or even better.

Stick to your unique style of writing, whatever it is. Don’t try and change your writing style just to impress a new audience. That might backfire on you. However, if your style is funny and sarcastic, then you might have to tone down your style so that you don’t end up offending someone and damaging your brand.

Continue to Write

One guest post won’t be enough to drive a significant amount of traffic to your website. Write as many guest posts as possible, for the blog that gave you your first breakthrough in guest blogging, and for other sites. However, be careful not to try and do too many things at once, so that your blog won’t suffer a lack of posts because of your guest blogging. Always make sure that you deliver great quality every time. Once you start to write for more sites, you’ll start to see an increase in the traffic on your website.

Most people don’t consider guest blogging to be an effective content marketing strategy, but it is. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to generate more traffic for your website, then you should be writing more guest posts. If you don’t have the time to fit this into your busy schedule, our guest post agency will come up with a guest blogging strategy that can guarantee increased traffic to your website.

If you’d like to know more about our guest post service, get in touch with WooContent today.

Do you have a strategy in place for finding guest post opportunities?

Bloggers are always seeking out the best content, and most of them will grab the chance to add great content to their site that their audience will love. Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways of building relevant links to your blog from authority websites in your niche. However, for you to be able to efficiently use guest posts for your link building strategy, you need to be able to recognise the best guest post opportunities.

Here is a rundown of the best strategies for finding the most rewarding opportunities.

The Essentials

Build on Personal Connections

If you have connections within your niche or friends who have blogs, they should be your starting point. And because they know you, the trust factor is already taken care of. Contact them via email or other communication channels. Site owners are always in need of quality content, so if you get your pitch right, you should be contributing guests post on their sites in no time.

Your Blog is Your Ad

This one is a no-brainer, especially if you own a blog. Make use of the readers on your blog; they may have blogs or sites that need content. The fact that they are on your website means that they already trust your opinion. So, if you put a post on your site letting them know that you’re available for guest blogging, you’ll be amazed at how much they’ll value your contribution on their websites or blogs.

Social Networking

Ask for Guest Post Opportunities

You can ask for guest posts within your circle on social media. You can reach out to your friends in this way or they could link you up with their own friends who have websites or blogs. Just send out a message on social media and see how things work out.

Search for Guest Post Opportunities

Take advantage of the search feature on Twitter. Most blogs have a twitter account where they send out tweets about new posts. And if it’s a guest post, they’ll tag the guest poster so that the guest poster’s followers can see the tweet as well. If you search Twitter for the right phrases, such as ‘guest post’ or ‘writers needed’, you should be able to find blogs that accept guest posts or that are looking for writers. If you approach a blog that is conversant with the guest posting process, they might be open to your offer.

LinkedIn Network

LinkedIn is a professional network, so it’s more likely that you’re connected to people in the same industry as you, who are also connected to other people within the same industry. Your chances of finding guest posting opportunities on this platform are really high.

Use Search Engines

Power of Google

A simple Google search will reveal a list of relevant blogs in your industry. See if they accept guest posts and if there are any requirements to fulfil when submitting your post. If it’s a blog that doesn’t accept blog posts, go the extra mile to see if you can convince them to accept yours. Interacting with them on social media or being active in their comment sections is a good way of putting yourself out there and forming a relationship with them. That way, you won’t come across as an opportunist when you pitch your guest post ideas to them.

Google Blog Search

Google Blog Search is a great way to find blogs in closely related industries. You can also find larger blogs with a category for your niche amongst the other categories that they cater to. It’s a great way to discover outstanding blogs and some blogs you probably never knew existed.

Leverage Communities

Guest Blog Communities

These are communities designed specifically to facilitate a connection between bloggers and guest writers. Although you might not discover the biggest and best blogs in your industry on these networks, they are usually a great place to start your guest posting journey.

Forum Communities

Forums are a great place to find guest posting opportunities. It could be a forum suited to your needs or one where everyone knows how it works and where people are looking for guest posters. Be active on the forum. Connect with other members, then lay your cards on the table.


People look for bloggers and website owners on Craigslist. So, it might be a great idea to approach them and let them know you want to contribute a post to their website or blog. You can include a caveat that they’d have to link back to your website. This should be easy because these people have a growing need for content, so all you have to do is convince them to accept and publish your content.

Blog Directories

These can help you discover the best blogs with the most amount of traffic within your niche. They give you an idea of the top guns in your industry. Being able to link to these blogs gives you a massive amount of link juice and huge amounts of traffic.

Using Previous Guest Posts

Make Use of the Byline

Guest posters typically use the byline space on the guest post to indicate their social media profiles to gain more fans and followers, or to mention their availability for guest posting opportunities. The space is also good for including links to the target website.

Relate With Commenters

Once your guest post is accepted and published, you have to be active in the comments section. This gives you the chance to network with the readers of the blog that published your post. It’s possible that some of them have blogs, and interacting with them gives you an opportunity to connect and open doors for more guest posts.

Make Repeat Guest Posts

Even though you might not be getting new backlinks from doing this, it still allows you to link to other areas of your site, grow your following, and generate more traffic to your site or blog. This time you’ll be using guest posting as a PR strategy.

If you simply don't have enough time to embark on a guest posting strategy, consider outsourcing to a guest post agency. Not only will you notice an appreciable increase in traffic to your website and sales, but your brand will also be seen as an authority within your industry.

Get in touch with us today to enquire about our guest post service.

Social media marketing has developed a great deal since it first became popular. As social media has reached a point where it has become self-sustaining, most of the things we used to do, such as sending out the same message to your whole audience, have become less effectual. Now, more than ever, it's time for your digital marketing strategy to become more about building relationships.

Cue blogger outreach campaigns: the idea behind blogger outreach or blogger relations is that a business that wants exposure for its brand, product, or service, works with bloggers or influencers who have grown a substantial following, to produce genuine, authentic content to promote the product, brand, or service.

The fact is that when you reach out to bloggers who are already talking to your target community, your business gains from their trust and influence.

How Does a Blogger Outreach Service Help You?

If you have to identify the right blogs, contact the owners, develop a campaign strategy, price the campaign, and then assess your results all by yourself, you’ll agree it’s a lot of work and it takes a lot of time. You could also end up spending a lot of money, with nothing to show for it.

However, when you use a professional blogger outreach service, a campaign strategist will be working with you to pick out the right influencers, run the campaign, and deliver the best results.

How Can a Blogger Outreach Service Impact Your Business?

You can partner with bloggers in a lot of different ways to achieve your goals. The work of your outreach strategist is to take your goals and design a creative and engaging campaign. There are endless possibilities for this.

Types of Blogger Outreach Services

What you really want to do is discover influential bloggers who have the same ideals as your business, and get them to talk about your brand. Here are some of the services you will get from a blogger outreach agency that knows what they’re doing;


Bloggers create vibrant communities by telling honest, genuine, and mostly personal stories. This engenders trust, which in turn drives action. This is why bloggers are so powerful.

Brand Ambassadorships

The most successful blogger outreach campaigns are usually based on a mutually-beneficial relationship between a brand and a blog. Brand ambassadorships are about having a person of influence speak passionately about your brand.

Tips for Blogger Outreach

If you’re about to embark on a blogger outreach campaign, here are a few tips you can work with:

Here are some mistakes you should avoid:

How to Get the Best out of Blogger Outreach

Online influencers are important to the future of marketing, so you really want to be on their good sides. Besides, blogging communities can be energetic, lively, and highly personal. Bloggers can be very imaginative and they never shy away from a creative challenge, so let your campaigns be fun and original.

Blogger outreach is one of the best growth tactics you can use. However, doing it right can be difficult. There are a lot of mistakes you can make that will lead to the failure of your entire campaign. So, you should consider getting involved with a blogger outreach service to take the weight off your shoulders.

If you need help with your blogger outreach campaign, please get in touch with us today.

If you’re looking for an effective way to get your material out there to various audiences, guest-post blogging is the way to go.

Guest blogging offers big advantages that have been proven to drive traffic to your site and improve sales. If you can get your guest posts published, you’ll gain some great benefits, such as visibility (you will be allowed to add a byline showing your name and a link to your site), increased traffic and sales, and increased credibility for your site through backlinks.

Getting your guest posts accepted requires endurance, research, patience, and skill – it’s not an automatic process by any means. To get a guest blogging opportunity, you’ll need to write a pitch, which is just like marketing your idea for a post. Your pitch must be good enough to be able to get you through the door, so you need to write a great pitch. At Woo, we offer a great guest post service, but in the meantime here are five essential tips that will help with how to pitch a great idea:

1. Create Fresh Content

Reading the same material in the same style over and over again can be boring and tiresome. Fresh material brings with it a fresh voice and a new outlook. It’s best to carve out a niche for yourself with your writing, impress your readers with facts, and show some wit and sparkle.

WooContent quality

2. Create Quality Content

When you create quality content, it means your blog post is much more likely to be accepted. The first thing you need to do is check your post for grammatical and spelling errors; there are plenty of online grammar checkers you can use for this purpose.

Even though you may not be a perfect writer, you should always aim to create your best work all the time. And if you’re going to be submitting your post to be published on a blog, it’s important you give it your best shot.

Demonstrate your writing skills, and save people the time and stress it would take for them to get your content up to the right quality for their blog. If you’re able to impress first time round, they may invite you to contribute future posts.

Proofread your post and if possible, get a second person to check it. If you can do all these things, there’s a high chance your post will not end up in the email bin. While proofreading, edit the post until you are able to achieve the wording you’re comfortable with.

3. Post in Your Niche

This is one of the most important tips for writing successful guest posts. Your niche provides some sort of comfort zone, and it’s where you should be starting your guest blogging from. This way, whoever reviews your entry will recognise your effectiveness, knowledge and passion about the subject. And because you’ll be linking back to your own website, it will make more sense if your blog is in the same niche as your guest post. Besides, this presents you as a subject-matter expert.

Another good reason to write about a subject you’re comfortable is that you could be asked to provide more posts in the same niche. While it’s good to explore and experiment, you might end up writing sub-standard content if you go too far outside of your speciality areas.

4. Stir Emotions and Intellectual Reactions

You need to know your audience. So, rather than create bland content, create something that stirs an emotional response. If your post comes across as boring, the reviewer might reject it. If you’re going for an intellectual approach, then do plenty of research and make sure you provide facts and figures. An emotional blog post should be personal, friendly and down to earth – those who read it will relate more with whatever you’re writing about. A great emotional blog post comes across as if it’s a real person in dialogue with someone else. If your writing is too formal, you might be stifling a lot of your creativity. Go with a casual, more relaxed tone when writing blog posts like this.

WooContent hot

5. Write about a Hot Topic

The topic of your guest blog goes a long way to determining whether it will be approved or rejected. We live in a time when people are always on the lookout for trending topics. If the topic of your guest post is hot, there is a high probability it will be accepted. If you time yourself right, and you’re able to post about a trending topic at the right time, you might be setting yourself up for success.

If the topic isn’t that hot, you can still put a spin on it and write it in a way that makes it irresistible for readers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a subject that has been written about many times, if you can put a new spin on it, people will want to read it.

Guest posts are essential for backlinks, traffic, and site authority. If you follow these tips, you’ll increase your chances of getting published. However, we can do all the hard work for you. We’re a guest post agency, and if you use us, you’ll get quality content relevant to your site. Get in touch with us today to enquire about our guest post services.

Related Guest Posts blog posts:

Some people believe that guest posting has lost some of its allure and effectiveness, but if done right, guest posts are still very useful in building your brand, increasing traffic to your site and getting inbound links – that’s links from other sites to your site.

Even though Google frowns at low-quality guest posting, there is no doubt that with a top-quality guest post service, this powerful strategy will be the bedrock of link building for a long time to come.

This article aims to show you how to get your guest posts accepted by other blogs.

Let’s get into it!

1. Guest post on websites with the readership you want to reach

Firstly, you need to be clear about your target audience – who they are and the blogs they read. Be careful about which sites you want to submit your guest posts to. Don’t waste your time and energy submitting content to a website whose audience is not the right fit.

Once you get that right, you’ll gain traffic that sticks, from people who are intrigued enough by your guest post that they’ll visit your site to discover more great posts.

2. Ensure your content is original

High-quality sites care about their readers’ experience more than anything, and they always want to provide the best content. So, unless there’s an understanding that you can use the content that has been published elsewhere, always try to submit an original post.

WooContent writer

3. Be a Great Writer

Try to submit your best works for guest posting because quality sites are very picky about the type of content they serve their audience. Edit your post, take time to correct the grammar, punctuation and spelling. It will save the site owner the headache of having to edit or reformat your post. This increases your chances of getting published and being invited to submit more posts in the future.

4. Abide by the Guest Posting Guidelines

If your target site has a set of guest-posting guidelines, stick to them. It makes the submission process less stressful for everyone.

On the other hand, if you choose to ignore the guidelines, you’re basically telling the site owner that you haven’t read their blog and you haven’t bothered to find out how they want things to work.

If you can’t find any guest-posting guidelines after looking through the whole site, then send them an email to ask.

5. Be careful how you link to your site and don’t add affiliate links

You’re guest posting because you want to get links pointing to your site to get traffic. However, loading the post with links to your blog can be considered tacky. One, or at the most two, links to your blog is enough.

Also, adding affiliate links to your post is inappropriate unless you have the consent of the blog owner.

WooContent value

6. Ensure your post adds value

Blog owners will only accept a guest post if they are sure it will be of value to their readers. As part of planning towards submitting your guest post through your guest post agency, make sure you read the blog so you can familiarise yourself with the topics covered, style of writing, and the response of the readers.

Flesh out your content. If your post is weak, it won’t get accepted. Not only that, but it also sends a bad message about your writing, product, or brand. The last thing any blog owner wants to do is publish a guest post that does not meet the quality their audience is used to.

7. Read the Target Blog

Post, comment, and get involved with the community in the target blog before you submit your guest post. Be helpful and an asset to the community so that when your post is published with your name attached to it, the fact that you have already proven yourself to be trustworthy and helpful means it will be accepted by the community.

8. Time your Guest Post Submission

There will be times when the blog owner has to go away for a while, for whatever reason. At these times, most blog owners will appreciate some high-quality posts that can be slotted into the queue and posted while they are away.

If you notice any breaks in the blog owner’s normal schedule, it’s a great idea to send them an email to ask if you could help by submitting a guest post.

9. Don’t show desperation

It’s great if you can provide content that is the right fit for the blog, but you also have to give the post your own voice. Don’t be so desperate to the extent where you want to please the blog owner by kowtowing to them. The last thing any blog owner wants to add to their already busy schedule is having to guide you through the whole process.

10. Make your guest post easy to accept

When making contact with the blog owner, be polite and kind. Be detailed and concise in your emails, try as much as possible to keep them short and to the point.

Ensure your content is well written, useful and on-topic so that the blog owner can use it immediately without having to edit or reformat it. Their readers will find it valuable, and you will be proud to have it published.

11. Be active in the comments section

The fact that your guest post is accepted does not mean you should relax – there’s still a lot to do. Check when your post is published and be available to interact with the readers in the comments section. This helps your host and allows you to showcase your knowledge and build relationships.

12. Write a good bio

Keep your bio short and concise, and add a clear call to action. The whole idea is for the reader to get to know more about you on your own site.

You could design a special landing page for the new readers coming from your guest post. This allows them to have quick, first-hand information about you without having to navigate blindly through your blog.

Guest blogging is a great way of presenting yourself as an authority in your niche, positioning yourself as a well-known name in the industry, getting exposure back to your site (traffic), and building backlinks to your site. Guest posting is valuable to your business – to get it done right, outsource to a guest post agency today for optimum results.

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Blogger outreach refers to when a business enlists the services of a blogger to stimulate product engagement and drive awareness for services. Such partnerships leverage on gaining access to the blogger’s community and using their influence to earn the trust of their community.

What blogger outreach services offer

The process of entering a partnership can be time-consuming: from selecting a blog that is a good fit for your brand/product to price negotiations and coming up with the right strategy. There are no guarantees that the selected strategy will be successful. Choosing a professional blogger outreach service evens the odds and gives you the opportunity of selecting ideal influencers and a suitable strategist.

The marketing industry today recognises the power of blogger outreach to online marketing. Influencer/blogger marketing does wonders for brand awareness and public relations; however, many brands have failed to recognise the positives that come from leveraging on such strategic relationships, and you don’t want to be one of them.

WooContent blogger

Blogger-brand liaisons

Many companies don’t realise just how important bloggers and influencers are today. Even though blogger outreach and influencer marketing have been proven to be critical to digital marketing success, too many businesses have created needless animosity between themselves and players in this budding industry because they dislike what they stand for and how much of a following they possess.

Here are 5 tips to help you understand influencer marketing if you want to engage the services of influencers to push your story and achieve impressive results.

1. Blogging is serious business

The first thing to realise is that blogging is not just an attempt to keep busy by scribbling down a few words that people pay little attention to. A lot of companies have this attitude to blogging and lose the opportunity to snap up a blogger’s services. Bloggers have followers growing from thousands into millions. Their sites have become a reliable place for trending information on a wide variety of topics, so don’t miss out.

2. Blogging is not charity

The numbers speak for themselves on this one. Influential bloggers have the reach and influence to give you an extra advantage, and nobody is going to offer that to you without expecting you to pay. Influencer marketing often comes with a team, and no one is going to put in that many hours of work for free samples. The easiest way to lose them is to come to the negotiating table with this mindset. It is disrespectful to their craft, too. Perfecting the art of blogging takes years of experience and hours of hard work. This is what you are paying for when you hire them.

WooContent money

3. Be fair with payment

Never treat bloggers like you are doing them a favour. Bloggers understand their readers and connect with them through their posts and comments.  A blogger’s biggest currency is trust. They reserve the right to refuse a strategy that puts the trust of their readers at risk. It keeps their readers’ following and grows their numbers over time. Bloggers must find the right balance between advertising and uploading content so as not to send messages that conflict with their niche. To do so would lose them followers, which would be bad for you, too. Your job as a commercial partner is for your content not to conflict with their niche, and trust their judgement when they decline content that creates this, as it serves no purpose to either of you.

4. Trust their judgement

If you are already considering working with a blogger, you have some measure of faith in their ability to deliver for you. Bloggers know their audience. They know how to get their attention. This is an art perfected over time, so you should trust them to know what will have the desired impact. Profitable partnership between brands and bloggers is based on mutual trust.

5. Be patient

Finally, you need to give some time for all the hard work to pay off. Bloggers work with schedules and observe trends, using them to work in their favour for a wider reach and desired impact. Bloggers go through planning, writing and editing, using bold images and SEO techniques to gain traction for the posts before uploading them on various social media. They know you have deadlines, but a prior understanding of these processes requires patience for the best results.

You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression, so you do your due diligence when choosing who to drive your influencer marketing campaign. Think long-term when choosing the right blogger outreach agency to drive awareness and rake in those numbers. Are you a start-up company that wants to maximise publicity on a relatively cheap budget? Set the ball rolling with the right influencer and get ready to reap impressive rewards. Treat them right, and you will get the best to want to work with you. They are important to you, and they are important to us, too!

If you would like to know how our blogger outreach agency could be of benefit to your business, feel free to get in touch with us.


Guest posting is vital to content marketing. Apart from being important for driving traffic to your website and building your backlink profile, guest posting also helps to reach new audiences, build topical authority and increase brand exposure.

However, it can be difficult to get going, especially if you have no idea how to write a guest post pitch – even skilled writers occasionally struggle to write great outreach emails. This leads to guest post pitches getting rejected.

Pitching guest posts doesn’t always have to be a bad experience. All you need is practice and a bit of patience to nail it. And once you get it right, you can significantly increase your success rates.

This post aims to help you achieve that as we discuss the best strategic approach to pitching guest posts using five key steps:

1. Choose a Blog

A successful guest post pitch starts with choosing your target blogs with care. This will help you avoid wasting resources on publications that are not the right fit for you, your content, style and target audience.

A great place to start is by checking out the blogs you read the most and the businesses where you shop. It’s possible your ideal audience may also be interested in the same kind of content that these bodies create. Besides, because you already like the publication you want to write for, chances are you’ll be more inspired to do a great job.

Plus, the fact that you share a similar type of audience with these blogs and businesses means there’s a higher possibility of forming a long-term relationship with them.

You can also consider other blogs with similarities to yours for a mutually beneficial collaboration. When you offer a post on your blog, you will most likely get one on theirs, too.

WooContent research

2. Research

Once you have a list of blogs for your guest posts, you’ll need to do some research – this is a very important step.

First, go through the site and check if they have any information about a guest posting service. They may have guidelines you must follow if you want them to agree to your pitch.

Second, go through their archive to see if there are any gaps in their content that need filling. Usually, a great pitch offers something to the target blog that the blog can’t offer presently. This is where it pays to be an authority in your niche.

Take note of information like post length, tone, image and style. Being a guest poster allows you to bring your unique voice to a post. However, the target blog still expects that your work is a good fit for their general content strategy.

If you’re fortunate, some sites may even reach out to you with an offer to guest post for them. However, most times you’ll be the one to get in touch first.

3.  Think of Topic Ideas

Once your target blog responds that they are keen to hear your pitch, you’ll need to do some more research so you can come up with topic ideas.

While crafting your topic idea, don’t forget about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Make sure you choose topics with high-volume keywords. This tells the target blog that you have your wits about you and it may actually give them an incentive to accept your pitch. Moreover, a well-optimised post will boost traffic to their site.

Trending topics can be great material as long as you have something new to pass across. It’s a wise move to have about three to five topic ideas to pitch. If they reject one, there’s a good chance they’ll like another.

4. Brief Summary

Write a summary of the topics you choose to pitch. Keep it brief, but at the same time provide an insight into what your proposed post entails. Begin with a brief explanation of what your post will cover, and don’t forget to mention any key products or brands you plan to feature. This will make sure that the target blog is not surprised by links they don’t agree with. It can be suspicious or spammy, and you don’t want that.

Add any important references you plan to cite, especially for interview-style posts. One or two citations could make you come across as knowledgeable and trustworthy, while also suggesting the depth of knowledge you’ll provide.

WooContent submit

5. Submit

Make sure your pitch is formatted in a clear, readable way. Don’t forget to add a little thank-you to the person you’re sending your pitch to. This presents you as friendly and a good person to work with. As a guest poster, this makes you come across as more desirable.

With large websites, it can take a while to get a response back from them. Online content is usually very dynamic, so hopefully they’ll get back to you quickly. But bear in mind that they may have other responsibilities, too, which means you would have to wait a while before you get a response.

With guest posting, the name of your blog can become more prominent in your niche. This will surely drive traffic to your website. Sometimes things don’t always turn out the way we want them to. So if you get rejected a few times, don’t be discouraged.

There are a lot of great individuals and companies to work with out there. Learning the steps involved in writing a guest post pitch is an essential skill that all bloggers need to grow their reach. However, if you need help with writing high-quality guest posts, consider outsourcing to a professional guest post agency.

If you would like to find out how our services could be of benefit to your business, feel free to get in touch with us today.


Even though guest posting is a great way of getting backlinks from relevant websites, you also get referral traffic, brand recognition, and authority on the web.

In online marketing guides on how to improve SEO, link building – essentially, getting a link from other websites back to yours – always comes the top of the list. And if you want to build high-quality backlinks, writing guest posts, or blogging for those websites, is the way to go.

Link building is important, because to Google it is a key factor in ranking your site on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

However, there is a belief that guest posting is a mere link-building tactic on its way out. Although it’s a link-building strategy, guest posting provides a lot more, but is it still relevant in 2020?

Why Backlinks Are Essential

Search engines implement many ranking factors to decide how pages should rank in online search results. And one of the most essential factors is inbound links. Basically, inbound links are pages on other sites that direct people to pages on your site.

These links are the building blocks of the worldwide web, and they’ve been adopted by Google as important ranking signals. The idea is that for a lot of trustworthy websites to link back to yours, then your site must be trustworthy, too. And for that reason, you’ll rank higher in search results.

WooContent links

Is Guest Posting Worth It?

Guest posting creates a permanent location where you’ve shared your knowledge and which can be referenced to get future appearances on guest posts, conferences, client relationships, and a lot more. Guest posting is a great tactic to build clout for you, your brand, and your domain authority or search traffic.

The fact is, guest posting still works, and it’s still a sure-fire way to earn high-quality backlinks. However, online marketing has evolved over the years, and so has guest posting. But what’s new in 2020? And how can you manage the changes? This is how:

How to Use Guest Posting for SEO Success

1. Choose High-Quality Sites

When you start seeking out websites you can guest post for, ensure they are reputable and high quality. A top-notch guest post agency would normally use this tactic. Choose websites related to your industry, so adding the links is easier and more natural. But you shouldn’t necessarily limit yourself to just your industry. Pitch the website to a couple of titles and see how things progress.

To know if a website is worth targeting, you’ll need to assess their authority. Firstly, you can make a relevant search on Google to see how the website ranks.

You can also use the DA (Domain Authority) checker from Small SEO Tools or the Website Authority Checker from Ahrefs to gauge the DA of the website. A DA of 40-50 is classified as average, 50-60 is good, and above 60 is excellent.

Your target blogs should have a DA of at least 40.

WooContent Newspaper Headline

2. Be Careful with Headlines

Headlines are powerful in the sense that they are the first things that attract readers to your post. And it takes only eight words in an article headline to give potential readers an idea of the value they’ll be getting from your article. 

Here are some tips on how to create a catchy headline;

3. Flesh out Your Posts

It’s been proven that longer content works better than short content. Although most sites have their own requirements when it comes to guest posting, the reality is that you need to adhere to them. However, you should still be guided by the fact that longer content works better.

Ideally, a guest posting service would create a longer post that incorporates different elements to make the content more engaging. This is why their articles are usually more successful.

Even though it’s difficult to say exactly what an ideal length is, you should be more focused on adding value to readers, but a good word count to aim for is between 1,000 and 2,000 words.

4. Develop Strong Connections with Editors

Your relationship with websites that agree to your guest posting requests works both ways. You benefit from links to your website, and once you start getting high-quality posts (and links) on your site, it boosts your site’s authority and earns you more traffic.

However, you need to be cautious about spammy links. Ensure that the links added to those posts are highly relevant and that they add considerable value to your readers.

5. Only Add Links that are Relevant to the Post

Ensure that your anchor text is relevant to your post and that the link is relevant to the anchor. It has to fit in so that it can deliver value to the readers who click on it. Otherwise, your articles will not get featured on high-quality websites and you won’t get any backlinks that way. Watch out for grammar and spelling – the number-one ranking factor for content and links is quality.

To be clear, it’s not just about backlinks – the DA they help you build is very important, too. Your guest posting strategy should be based on high-quality content. That is the only way it will be of benefit to your marketing drive.

This guest blogging guide is targeted at marketers who want to ensure that they attain maximum success. However, if you’re unable to successfully implement these strategies because of a lack of time or the resources to do so, you should contact a guest post agency to assist you.

If you need help with guest posting, please get in touch with us today.

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