Advertising your automotive dealership can sometimes be very challenging. You can risk being perceived as pushy, but you know what having a car will do for your prospects and you also know that you will give them a better bargain than your competitor. But how do you draw them in with your content and get them to make the deal?

An excellent first impression is crucial if you are going to get your customers to take you seriously and buy from you. In most cases, that first impression will be made using your content because this is the first line of communication that car buyers have with your dealership. So you need to ensure that your content is supercharged to convince your prospects to do business with you.

All automotive copywriting examples that successfully convert have a few characteristics. In this article, we will discuss those characteristics and show you how you can put some horsepower into your copy to ensure it converts.

1. Powerful Automotive Content Speaks To The Customer

We know you are a car-loving enthusiast, and we also share your enthusiasm for cars. But if you are going to attract customers, you have to understand them and speak their language.

Are they buying out of need, or a love for cars? Are they first-time buyers? Are they buying for status? Having a proper understanding of who your target audience really is will go a long way to help you communicate appropriately with them.

In many cases, your audience will consist of several of these groups of car buyers. This means you will have to publish several articles and social media posts speaking to the different groups. In each case, you must bear the particular group you are talking to in mind to speak to them effectively.

When writing, speak directly to the reader by writing in the second-person voice. Use 'you' and 'your' instead of 'he/she,' 'he/her/they.'

2. Powerful Automotive Content Focuses on Keywords

Each piece of copy you write has to be optimised with the right keywords. Keywords make it easy to find you. You will not be found if you do not optimise, and if you won't be found, there's no need trying to reach your audience in the first place. The keywords you use will depend on the language of the group you are optimising the content for. If you are looking to reach a luxury car audience, who is searching for ‘best luxury cars 2020’ and you're optimising your content for ‘most affordable cars 2020’, you will likely miss out on your audience.

Research the search terms that your target audience is using. Include those keywords in the title, website headers, blog and social media post titles, subheadings, within the first three paragraphs of your article. Be careful, though, not to stuff your copy with keywords. It may harm, rather than help, your ranking.

3. Powerful Automotive Content Is Readable

Properly structuring your copy so that it is readable and easy to navigate is very important if your automobile copy is going to have the desired impact of educating your audience, generating leads, and converting prospects.

Excellent automobile copywriting requires you to:

Readable copy also means that your copy should be scannable. This is crucial since many people do not read the entire copy. They scan through for important information or anything they can find. You must ensure that when this is the case, they find the most critical information fast. This is where the structure of your copy comes in.

4. Powerful Automotive Content Is Relevant

If your content is not relevant to your audience, then it has failed even before starting. Do not use clickbait-style headlines to draw people in. The content of the copy must match the headline, and both must be relevant to your audience. If you use links in the copy, they must also be relevant to the copy. For example, if you write about car maintenance and include a link to the best repair shop in town, that's okay.


5. Powerful Automotive Content Is Educative


We know that your goal is to market your dealership and sell cars. But it would be best if you focused on adding value to your buyers. Spend time educating them. It doesn't matter whether you are creating copy for email, social media, or your blog – focus on educating your audience.

While this might seem like giving information away, the sales process is an educative one and educating your audience positions you as the authority. When they do decide to buy they will come to you. A good rule to follow, especially on social media is to have 20% of your content be marketing oriented while the other 80% should be educational. Most people fail here and make the majority of their content marketing inclined. What this tells your audience is that you are only interested in the sales and not them. 

Focus on solving problems that your audience has. If they are having a hard time deciding whether to go for an automatic or manual transmission, write a copy on the differences between them. If they have issues financing their car payment, create an article on the best ways to finance a car payment.


6. Optimise For Local Search


So many people are now conducting 'near me' searches. As a car dealer, you should not miss out on the incredible opportunities that exist to draw in this massive traffic in local searches. Create a free business profile and ensure that the information in your Google My Business profile is correct. This will make it easy for people searching for car dealerships in your area to find you.

7. Use Social Media

Studies show that around 40% of all car sales start on social media. As a car dealer, your chief aim of producing content is to sell cars. You need to charge up your copy to get the sales you are after. So your content needs to speak to your audience. Content that cannot talk to and convince your audience to come into your dealership will not help you. Also, you need to make it easy for your audience to find you so you also need to optimise for SEO so that your content can be found.

Except you have an excellent in-house copywriter, you will need the services of a reputable automotive copywriting agency that will ensure you get tangible results with the content they write for you.

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