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Today, link building is more than just directory listings and guest posting – it’s about earning traffic, links, likes and shares. And to do this well, you need an expert blogger outreach agency full of great ideas and contacts – WooContent is that agency.

Why backlinks and social metrics matter.


Links are endorsements of your content, showing Google that people like and trust the content you publish. Social engagement complements links in a similar way, giving your content credibility in the public domain and extending your brand awareness while driving all-important traffic to your website. It’s imperative you build links from both relevant and authoritative websites so that Google sees you as credible.


While the relevancy and quality of your backlink profile is key, you also need links from a diverse range of sites that receive their own traffic, and rank for related keywords – in other words, links from quality publishers who invest in their own SEO and social media. To do this well, you first need to consider your audience and develop an outreach strategy that targets different types of blogs, whether that be travel, lifestyle or parenting – whichever publishers are most relevant to your business. 

What’s special about WooContent’s blogger outreach service?


WooContent are experts in providing blogger outreach services focused on specific goals, usually as part of a wider SEO strategy. Don’t waste money on poor-quality content placed on websites with limited traffic, low-ranking keywords and poor Domain Authority – you should always invest in quality, not quantity. Here’s what makes us different:


  1. Dedicated account management, with up to one hour a week consultancy calls 
  2. Quick turnaround – we can deliver campaigns inside seven days if required
  3. High-quality content written by industry-experienced copywriters, not generic writers
  4. Relationships with leading bloggers and magazine publishers across all sectors
  5. Campaigns with an average backlink profile of +35 Domain Authority (DA)
  6. Wider SEO and content marketing consultancy offered as standard

Our approach.


  • Listen – we understand your business and your offer, and define your key goals and objectives
  • Plan – we define your audience, map different types of blogs aligned with your audience, plan content and pitches for bloggers and magazines, and send you campaign plans for approval
  • Implement – we produce content, contact bloggers, confirm terms and timelines, and send content for publishing 
  • Measure – we provide you with a report that summarises the results 


PLEASE NOTE – If you want to create the content in-house, it’s recommended you work with us from the start before you have produced the content. We always plan outreach while planning the content, to ensure the content we create will resonate with bloggers and your target audience.

Some of the leading blogs and magazines our clients have been featured in.


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Blogger outreach FAQs.


What is blogger outreach? 

Blogger outreach is the process of reaching out to bloggers and influencers to create working relationships. These working relationships may involve bloggers creating authentic content to promote your product or offering as a business. Usually, you would reach out to bloggers and influencers who are either in the same industry as you or who have a strong following that’s akin to your target audience for your product. Blogger outreach is generally a medium- to long-term strategy, but it can have very high returns if you can build a positive and mutually beneficial relationship.


Why is blogger outreach important?

Blogger outreach is important because most people in this digitally savvy day and age don’t like being advertised to. Google Ads and social media ads are quickly becoming saturated, expensive and competitive, and it can be tricky, especially as a newer brand, to get yourself out there. This is why it’s important to create key relationships with authentic bloggers who already have a strong following and ideally a good Domain Authority (DA), and for them to create content that shares the benefits of your brand in a (relatively) organic manner with their audience – your target audience.


What is outreach in SEO? 

Outreach in SEO is one of the main strategies to build effective links. It’s the process of reaching out to bloggers, influencers or other brands in your industry who have an established audience that matches your target audience in order to share the benefits of your product or service. It’s important that during your outreach process, you focus on mutually beneficial partnerships and medium- to long-term relationships, rather than looking for quick wins. The outreach element of your strategy should be a considered effort, with a view to creating a diverse backlink portfolio.


What is link building? 

Link building is the process of creating and generating opportunities for other websites to link back to your website. It’s a key SEO ranking factor for search engines because if other websites link to yours as a reference point, this shows Google that you are an authoritative source of information. By creating a strong referral network with lots of backlinks via the process of link building, search engines improve your DA/Domain Authority. 


What is domain authority?

Domain Authority is one of the key components of SEO and improving organic rankings. Content and links are a core element that improve your metrics. Also known as DA, Domain Authority is a score ranging from one to 100 that measures your likelihood of a positive ranking on search engines. In essence, if you were to measure two competitor websites based on DA, the one with the highest score would be the most likely to rank higher across a wider range of keywords.


Why are links so important?

Links are important because they are a significant ranking factor for search engines. Some of the key considerations for SEO are relevance and popularity, and creating backlinks hits both of these markers. Each time you get a genuine backlink from another website or blog, search engines give you a boost in their overall ranking considerations. Backlinks show search engines that not only is your content accurate and relevant, but also that your domain is an authority for this industry/topic. It’s important that you create impressive, useful copy as part of a content strategy to support your link-building efforts.


Is link building still relevant? 

Yes! But instead of actively paying for links on other websites, Google encourages businesses to create useful content and copy that creates organic opportunities for link building. It’s important to Google that it is providing the best experience and results for its users, so it promotes building organic backlinks rather than focusing on high-volume, poor-quality content and links, in the hope of sharing truly useful and intelligent content. So this year, instead of spending time on cutting corners and investing in low-quality link building, put your time into producing great content and forging genuine relationships with bloggers, journalists and editors.


What is an outreach strategy? 

A successful outreach strategy is the plan in your business to create relationships and build links. Whether you decide to reach out to bloggers, influencers or brands with complementary offerings in your sector, you should have a clear and structured strategy to achieve this. This should include a content plan at its core, as well considering the sorts of partners you want to work with. The most common methods of outreach are email and social media, and it’s crucial to a successful relationship that you approach it with a medium- to long-term vision for the best returns.


How much does outreach cost? 

The cost of a blogger outreach campaign can range from anywhere between £1,000 and £10,000, depending on the scope of the campaign and the type of content we are producing. Every campaign we produce will have KPIs (key performance indicators) attached, so we have specific targets to fulfil.


Here are just a few of the brands that we have had the pleasure of creating content for over the years…