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Bing features pop-up child abuse warnings to UK users

Bing is the first search engine to feature pop-up child abuse warnings for users that are searching for illegal content.

Going on advice from the UK government, which is now considering an opt-in scheme for legal adult content, Bing is so far the first search engine that is taking its recommendations.

Searchers who are about to see such content will now be greeted with a message that says: ‘Warning! Child abuse is illegal.’ The warning also features a link to help and advice as well as a reporting tool.

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) came up with a list of key terms that Microsoft has integrated into their Bing Notification Platform. If a search user tries to access the terms indicated on the list, the Notification Platform will be activated.

They will then be given a notification that the child abuse content they are attempting to access is illegal. They will also be given a link to Stopitnow.org, a site that will be able to help them with counselling.

Microsoft claims that by 2014, they will roll out their default-off system for accessing adult content, which means users will have to opt-in to access adult material.

Bing currently accounts for about 5 per cent of the UK’s entire search traffic, whereas Google accounts for nearly 90 per cent.