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Best SEO education sites

Search Engine Optimisation is a continually evolving industry, with Google and other search engines altering the playing field as soon as SEOs and marketers catch up.

Staying up to date on the latest developments is a time-consuming process, but with more and more money being ploughed into search marketing, it’s also well worth doing.

Whilst some people choose to follow a search marketing blog, it is important to build a firm base of knowledge from which you can add to by following such a blog. So whether you’re a novice or just need a refresher, here are some of the best SEO education sites…


Search Engine Journal – www.searchenginejournal.com

By offering ‘step-by-step’ and ‘beginners’ guides to SEO, covering various topics, the Search Engine Journal is a good website for learning about SEO and how to use it effectively.

The step by step guides lend you an invisible crutch to support on whilst you grasp the basics of SEO.

Similarly, the constantly updated news feed allows for continuous learning as visitors can educate themselves on the very latest news and debate in the industry.


SEO Book – www.seobook.com

SEO Book is another useful website which believes people’s understanding of SEO is best described as a pyramid, with only a small minority fully grasping all the features of SEO.

To counteract this, SEO Book has developed over 100 training modules in SEO for subscribers, which cover a range of topics: from link building to website credibility.

They also have a regularly updated blog filled with lots of helpful advice and news on novel SEO tools.


SEO Chat – www.seochat.com

SEO Chat works in two ways to educate you on search engine optimisation.

The first way is through articles written by the website owner. There are hundreds of articles of various SEO subjects, helping you gain a decent understanding of how search engine optimisation works.

The other way is by posting user generated information regarding SEO on the websites forum to allow for a greater diversity in knowledge and writing style. This helps everyone find a ‘teacher’ who they can easily understand.

The website also features a list of definitions on the right hand side of the page, offering viewers simple explanations for various SEO related words, meaning you can always understand what you are reading.


Search Engine Land – www.searchengineland.com

Search Engine Land offers great advice for novice SEO users, with website sections covering the basics from ‘what is SEO?’ to how to create SEO content.

By labelling each article section with titles such as “SEO basics” it has never been easier to educate yourself on search engine optimisation. By clearly labelling sections you can skip through the harder divisions and come back to them at your own pace.