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B2B Online Marketing Hacks

Growth is one of the key goals of every business owner and executive. They all want and expect their companies to grow, hence all the efforts they put into marketing and improving their products and services. But it seems like only B2C companies are seeing the kind of explosive growth that B2B companies are looking for.

Of course, there are also B2B companies experiencing that level of growth, but they pale in comparison to the number of B2C companies doing so. Many start-up B2B companies seem to be missing the essential online marketing hacks that can help them grow and scale rapidly. This even shows in the kind of content that some of them produce. If your B2B content cannot captivate and engage your target audience, the stakes will be a lot higher.

Besides getting your B2B content right, there are several other marketing hacks and tactics you should learn and implement – we’ll cover some of them in this article. 


  • Focus On Creating Products & Services That Are So Easy They Don’t Require Training


Marketing begins with the products or services you are trying to market. Many companies don’t put in the extra time to make their products as simple as ABC. They fail to understand that many of these companies, or the teams that need their services, are most likely already using another service. The question then is why should they drop what they’re already using for yours?

If you think you will compete on price alone, remember that many companies would rather pay for a product that’s easy to use because it means their teams will spend less time trying to figure how to use it and more time being productive.

If you cannot find ways to make your product super simple, make it as simple as it can be or explore different ways to teach people to learn and master it in the shortest possible time. As part of the offer, you can also add in-house training where possible.


  • Create Valuable, Relevant And Shareable Content


You cannot divorce content creation from online marketing. It doesn’t matter whether it is the creation of graphics, videos, social media posts or articles for your blogs. Many B2B businesses have a blog that they already run. But some of them still fail to maximise these because of poor copywriting habits.

Also, it is not enough to post on your blogs. Invest in creating e-books, hosting webinars, white papers and short reports, case studies, and so on. Ensure that you provide content that is valuable to your audience and that it answers their most pressing questions. This is critical – if you cannot help them with their main pain points, they have no reason to choose you.

While creating your content, don’t forget that your audience consists of people who make decisions on behalf of business and the teams that will use your service. Many B2B companies miss it right here. They employ copywriting techniques used by B2C companies for customers mostly making decisions for themselves; not to mention that these customers are mostly buying products with a low price range as opposed to that for B2B products and services.

To avoid making similar mistakes, you can outsource your copywriting if your team cannot fix it themselves for any reason. The investment you make into getting a B2B copywriting service will pay for itself many times over. If you find that your copies are not delivering the results you expect, get in touch with us. We offer an excellent B2B copywriting service. The content we create will speak to and engage the right audience while also ensuring that you don’t lose out on potential customers.  


  • Engage The Power Of Free Trials & Free Tools


Even when customers are shopping for a new (or better) product/service, they can be very reluctant to commit money. If you have ever had the disappointment of paying for a product or service only to discover it wasn’t an excellent fit for you, you’ll understand why this is important. Even when in buying mood, people are sceptical.

So if you’re sure you have a great product, eliminate (or drastically reduce) this barrier to adoption by offering a ‘freemium’ or free trial. Part of the wisdom behind the free trial is that it gets people to stop and experience your product. Many people find it difficult to overcome inertia (and their scepticism) and keep reading reviews upon reviews as an excuse. But a free trial breaks that and gets them to ‘begin using’ your product. 

At this point, they are already learning it and becoming familiar with it. So long it does what they want, adoption becomes easy. And because the free trial you will offer covers the barest minimum of your product, when they want more (which they will) they’ll not find it difficult to pay for it.

The same goes for free tools. When people begin using your free tool(s), so long they deliver quality results, adopting your paid tools won’t be so difficult. Why? They would have developed trust in your service/products.

Don’t be scared of some people not adopting your product after the trial. No business serves everyone. But if you have a great offer, a unique selling point and your product solve a pain point, many people will commit to your service. 


  • Engage Your Audience On Multiple Marketing Channels


Growth and marketing success sometimes depend on the number of people you can reach. The more your reach, the better! As a B2B business, you may not find your audience on social media platforms like TikTok or Snapchat so it may be unnecessary to use them – the likes of LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube are likely to achieve better results.

Instead of choosing one of these platforms, engage your audience on all of them. Also, think about search advertising and native advertising. These channels also drive high-quality B2B leads.

The more channels you employ in your marketing, the more data you can collect. And the more data you collect, the higher your chances of better marketing and growth because as you may already be aware, data is the new gold.

Take note that employing multiple channels means you would have to create content for different channels because what sells on one channel does not necessarily do so on the other. Besides, people behave differently on various channels. Study several B2B copywriting examples to know how other B2B businesses take advantage of different platforms.

One implication of making use of different marketing channels is that you will need to get a robust content strategy for all your marketing channels. It is crucial to your success. If you do not currently have an excellent content marketing strategy, you should involve the services of a reputable B2B copywriting agency to develop and implement one for you.

The growth of your company and the sales of your products are dependent on how well you can market. While the competition is fierce, several online marketing hacks will put you over. We have outlined a few in this article. Begin implementing them and watch your results wow you!