Holiday Hypermarket’s hilarious Christmas campaign

Holiday Hypermarket’s hilarious Christmas campaign

With silly season well under way the Christmas parties are coming thick and fast, with towns and cities around the UK full of fun and laughter.

While for many it’s that time of year to let your hair down it’s also an important time of year for advertisers who are battling it out for share of voice.

With so many marketing initiatives hardly seeing the light of day its not only important to be different, but also to promote your content in a timely manner via the right channels. Here at Ad-Rank HQ, we have been busy working on a viral video campaign for Holiday Hypermarket that has just gone live today. We had a lot of fun making this series of short videos, and while we find it funny, it’s now up to the public to decide.

The 12 Destinations of Christmas campaign features a comical character who has been to top destinations around the globe as part of the ultimate Christmas present. The shorts last between 20-30 seconds, and the countdown differs every time as the series grows in comedy value. On 24th December, Holiday Hypermarket will reveal the full length version of the video.

You can check out the first segment of the video below, but you’ll want to check back regularly: Every day there will be a new snippet of the video released, keeping you chuckling all the way to Christmas Eve dinner.

To catch the complete 12 Destinations of Christmas, make sure you “like” Holiday Hypermarket on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Happy holidays!


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