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A week of exciting announcements

This week will see a number of new tech products being released from the likes of Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Google and LG.

Many experts have been speculating that this may be the most important week for tech gadgets in recent history as the 4G network finally rolls out across the UK.

Apple are expected to be launching their latest worst kept secret –the iPad Mini – on Tuesday at their Keynote presentation in California. The iPad Mini, which will feature a 7.85-inch screen, is set to compete with the Samsung and Amazon tablets that have been dominating the market in the past few months.

Many Apple enthusiasts are also hoping for additional announcements regarding upgrades to the MacBook Pro and iMac lines.

Microsoft are also due to be making some big announcements, with the launch of the Windows 8 operating system, Surface tablet and new ranges of windows phone handsets. This week is undoubtedly a make or break moment for Microsoft, who have struggled to take a firm grip on the smartphone industry from the start.

Google on the other hand will be unveiling their latest flagship handset – the Nexus 4 which will be made by LG. Rumours are also pointing to the release of Google’s 32GB Nexus 7 tablet as well a 10-inch offering by Samsung.

But the most important news in terms of impact on the industry and consumers has to be the launch of the 4G network across the UK, which will see mobile internet speeds quintuple.

It marks the latest step in mobile browsing’s journey into the mainstream, with some users of 4G-enabled phones having access to faster browsing speeds on their travels than in the comfort of their own home.

What does that mean for mobile browsing? There was a time when you could count on mobile browsers being motivated buyers prepared to brave the poor speed and user experience because they needed to. As phone screens have got better and speeds faster, it now seems we put the ‘browse’ in mobile browsing, going online while we commute, or wait for friends in the pub.

The advent of 4G hardly seems destined to reverse that trend.