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6 tips for sharing your content on Facebook

When it comes to sharing or promoting content on Facebook, a clear strategy needs to be in place before you get creating and posting.

It’s important to share your content in the most appropriate and effective manner for your audience, as mistakes can easily come back to bite you.

There are several things that are essential to think about before you start sharing. Have you targeted the right audience? What kind of assets do you want to promote? Have you taken advantage of promoted posts? Apart from paying attention to online trends and the behaviour of your audience, here are six key tips for your Facebook sharing strategy:

1. Are you targeting the right audience?
Before you start sharing your content, you’re going to have to figure out which demographic you want to target. Once you have a good idea of the audience you’re looking to appeal to, take advantage of Facebook’s in-depth array of targeting.

2. Involve your audience
Engaging your audience by getting them emotionally invested in you and your service is crucial in building your social following. You need to encourage them to participate in conversations around your brand and share your content. This could involve something as simple as asking your Facebook followers a question, or getting their opinion on something that’s related to your service. Of course, it takes a little ingenuity to engage them in ways that go beyond just asking questions, so get creative!

3. Don’t overdo it
Once you’ve started sharing and promoting your content, and you’ve begun to build your audience, you need to maintain a steady stream of updates. Again, you should be careful not to overwhelm your fans. Being overly enthusiastic will lead to your fans flagging your posts as spam, which isn’t what you want. It’s best to create a schedule for your updates so you can keep a regular flow of posts and ensure you don’t fall off the wagon. Make sure you create some space for spontaneity too!

4. Use Graph Search
Graph Search is a new function on Facebook that allows you to learn more about your brand’s audience in exciting new ways. If you’re still building your Facebook following, and you don’t yet have an established audience, you can use Graph Search to learn more about users who like similar brands or products. There are endless combinations of searches you can perform, all enabling you to become more knowledgeable about your ideal audience.

5. Use hashtags
Facebook introduced hashtags a few months ago, and while they haven’t quite taken off yet, they can be very useful for content marketers. Start using relevant hashtags to categorise your content: this will make it easier for your audience to find you and your service.

6. Integrate other social media networks
It’s important to remember that if your Facebook Page is gaining traction, you should integrate your brand’s other social media platforms into your page. Use your Facebook Page to direct traffic to your main website, as well as your other social profiles. Connecting various social platforms, and sharing tweets, Instagram photos and Pinterest pins via Facebook, will help funnel consumers into the most relevant communication channel for them.

Once you’ve started sharing your content and have successfully built your audience, the sky is the limit. After this point, you’ll be able to focus on developing a long-term strategy to continue winning over new followers and spreading your brand even further.