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5 Ways That a Multilingual Agency Can Help Your Brand

Reaching out to an international audience is one thing, but sharing meaningful communication and content is another entirely.

As we begin to see a demand for more natural communication online, implementing a strong, multilingual strategy for your brand has never been more important. In this blog, we share the 5 top ways in which a multilingual agency can offer copywriting services and help you craft an international strategy and achieve growth overseas.

1. You’ll benefit from consistent translations tailored to your brand

Simply put, translation forms an integral part of your multilingual strategy. When translating content, it’s crucial that you proceed with the same level of care and rigour as you would when writing native copy. Consider the message you want your translated pages to convey, your desired style and tone of voice, and how you want to handle translation of product names or key services you offer.

A multilingual content agency is perfectly placed to support you with this. They have a profound understanding of marketing techniques and will ensure your native content is fit for translation by professionals following a rigorous brief.

Unlike translation agencies, they purposefully seek to understand your brand nuances within a marketing capacity and are well placed to ensure they are reflected in your translated content.


2. A multilingual agency can help you fill the gaps in global markets

In an age where e-commerce is enjoying rapid growth across the globe, tapping into markets beyond British shores is almost a no-brainer for many companies. The below list compiled by Internet World Stats shows the top 5 languages used online, per user:

• English: 985 million users
• Chinese: 771 million users
• Spanish: 312 million users
• Arabic: 185 million users
• Portuguese: 158 million users

By exposing the significant number of people who are not searching the web in English, this list reveals the huge opportunities that exist internationally when you translate and localise content.

Whether it’s trialling a selection of your best-sellers on the Chinese market, writing a series of blogs in Spanish or producing landing pages in Portuguese, it’s crucial to plan a strategy which incorporates evergreen multilingual content carefully tailored to your target market.

3. Multilingual agencies know how to produce localised content Google will love

Google loves localised content. Think about it; Google is all about giving users a tailored experience, from providing local map results to producing individualised results. So, it makes sense that SERPs favour high-quality, SEO-optimised and localised content.

Localising your content will also make it easier for your target audience to find you, and if we consider the stats above, the internet is awash with users whose first language isn’t English. In addition, a report by the European Commission found that 90% of users will search in their own language wherever possible.

Localisation focuses on language, nuance and tone of translated copy to ensure it is fully tailored to your target audience, as discussed previously. Could your brand name have a different meaning in your target language? Could your best-seller translate awkwardly? Could your friendly tone of voice be considered offensive in a different culture?

4. They know how to monitor your international success

Any experienced agency will advise against blindly venturing into a foreign market. A big part of gaining international success consists of testing, reviewing and improving your copy and campaigns. Research, plan, set yourself goals.

What works in the U.K is not guaranteed to work in Egypt, China or even France, so testing and monitoring results is key. A copywriting agency will have a team of seasoned professionals when it comes to using analytical tools and can incorporate testing into your multilingual strategy.

5. They are experts at providing great results within tight deadlines


Let’s face it, more often than not deadlines are tight and we have less time than we’d like to deliver projects. Working to tight deadlines is second nature to agencies, who know how to handle tight deadlines without compromising quality.

This is especially important when creating multilingual content, as cutting corners is simply not an option. If a translator says they can translate an entire blog series in 2 days, this should immediately cause concern. Agencies understand this and navigate the dos and don’ts of multilingual project management to provide great content within your deadlines.

In a nutshell, if you’re only selling in English, you’re losing out. According to Bloomberg’s predictions, China’s GDP will overtake the U.S by 2028, and it currently shares 14.9% of the world economy.

This goes to show the rate at which international markets are rapidly developing, so make sure your global strategies evolve with them by enlisting the expertise of multilingual experts.

To see how we put our international expertise in action to help you grow your brand internationally get in touch with us today.