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5 Tools that Make Copywriting Easier

Whether you’re a freelance copywriter or working as part of a team, standing out from the crowd can be a difficult task. Especially as today, up to 85% of all marketers are investing in a content marketing strategy.

When done well, copywriting is a valuable tool that can help your website to get noticed. Moreover, it has the potential to garner a lot of positive attention and valuable engagement for your brand. Fortunately, there are tools available to make the job of every copywriter much easier. We talk you through our top five:



Grammarly is one of the top spelling and grammar checking tools in the market right now. It may be of particular use to freelance writers, who are unlikely to have access to an in-house editor, though it could also be useful in a team environment, to speed up an editor’s job. It’s free to sign up for the basic version, which will identify most spelling and grammar errors as you type across different programmes and web browsers.

As a copywriter, you can never proofread enough. Content with poor spelling or grammar can seriously discourage users because it’s an indicator of your credibility. Research shows that a single mistake can reduce sales figures by half, so having Grammarly highlight errors as you go could make all the difference to your business.



Beegit is a tool best suited to easing the lives of copywriters working within teams. Organising workflow within a team of copywriters, with a hundred different roles and deadlines, can be a daunting task within itself. Beegit is all about keeping everyone on the same page by creating a great collaborative working platform. You can organise, prioritise and edit, all in one place.

Beegit also has the added benefit of being extremely convenient and easy to use, allowing users to automatically convert content when uploading or downloading. Beegit is a paid-for tool, but one well worth investing in if you have a collaborating team in need of coordination. Luckily, it offers a no-obligation free trial, so you can try it for yourself before you buy.



Every copywriter can benefit from a plagiarism checking tool. Copyscape will help you to make sure that you’re always creating new, interesting and innovative content, by checking to see if there is similar writing already out there on the web. Copyscape is your one-stop shop to avoid creating duplicate content and would be particularly useful for organisations that turn over a lot of content, or who employ freelancers.

Duplicate content can not only confuse search engines and potentially damage your ranking, it also doesn’t make for a great UX. Too much duplicated or generic content may even signal to users that your website is ‘spammy’ and untrustworthy. Copyscape can help you avoid these simple copywriting pitfalls.



As a copywriter, you probably spend too much of your valuable time trying to source appropriate visuals to compliment your written content. Pixabay is a great source of copyright free images and videos.

Pixabay has a huge range of high quality, royalty free images and videos, suitable for almost any topic or sector. The images are available for commercial use, with no need for permission or credit, as they have been released under the Creative Commons.

We would still always recommend using original content, but occasionally, that simply isn’t feasible. The images from Pixabay can act as a good starting point and can easily be made fresh and new with minor editing.



If you’re looking to create a more bespoke aesthetic to accompany your text, Canva will fast become your new favourite tool. A subscription to Canva gives you access to millions of professional photographs and illustrations, photo filters and unique editing tools, which make it easy to create stunning graphs, charts, diagrams, icons, backgrounds and much more.

Canva also provides thousands of customisable templates for a variety of documents and what’s more, you can upload personal fonts, images and logos, while also applying colour schemes and themes to your creations. It’s so easy to use that it can make a professional designer out of any copywriter.

Canva may be particularly useful for freelance copywriters who may not have access to an in-house designer. However, its useful team sharing features make collaborative work easier than ever. It’s a must-have for copywriters looking to make their work stand out in a saturated marketplace.

With these five tools on your side, you should be well on your way to successfully navigating copywriting pitfalls and gaining positive attention for your site.

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