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5 Resolutions for Better Content in 2018

Website design and print layouts are an important aspect of any marketing strategy, but good copywriting is the key to their success. If the content isn’t flowing properly, your audience will take notice.

In 2018, instead of focusing on the aesthetics, let’s get down to basics and take a good look at how to improve content while keeping it current.

Leave the flowery language at home

It can be tempting to use all the flowery language in your repertoire to represent your brand, but the truth of the matter is, adjectives can be a nightmare and you might want to use the services of a copywriting agency to help you. In 2018 we need to be picky about our word choices and choose the right adjectives that will make your copy memorable and persuasive.

A great tip going forward is if you can get your message across without using adjectives at all, then leave them out. It will make your copy straightforward and easy to understand.

If you feel your brand’s tone of voice needs adjectives then make sure you use specific technical details that will add credibility to your copy. This year we need to put our overused and abstract concepts in the bin, with words like ‘world-class’ and ‘wow moment’.

What do those phrases even mean? Instead be direct and to the point, don’t put flowery language in just for the sake of it.

Be one step ahead on social media

Whether you connect with your target audience through the blogosphere, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media platform, it’s important to be one step ahead in your communication.

There’s no point in having any of these accounts if they are not actively used to keep your readers up-to-date. When your blog or Facebook page gets more hits and likes, it’s more likely that your content marketing strategy is working.

Good content doesn’t stop with your website or print issues; it continues onto your social media platforms, to draw your audience in and keep them interested in your product. Of course, it can be hard to stay on top of this, but make it a part of your marketing strategy and a priority. In 2018, make sure that your posts are intentional and that they represent who you are as a brand.

Staying current is so important in business, as trends come and go. Be present and aware of relevant changes and, when applicable, comment on them or use them on your social media platforms. When your audience sees that you’re up-to-date, they will be more assured and confident that they’re getting the best from a company that stays informed.

Don’t skimp on words

There once was a time when brevity was key, but recent analysis shows that the longer the content, the more impactful and effective it is. Blog posts over 1,000 words are often shared and visited more than their shorter counterparts, but why would this be the case?

Simply put, longer pieces cover more information and a wider range of topics, meaning that one article can have multiple keyword searches included in it. Therefore, in 2018 it’s important to expand on your topics and, if the content allows for it, to bring in multiple subjects that your target audience might search for.

Of course, it’s not just the quantity of your content that matters but also the quality. If the quality is bad, your readers won’t even get through the first paragraph, let alone read the entire article, so don’t get hung up on the word count at the detriment of the writing itself.

It’s good to keep it in mind and to aim for something substantial, but don’t throw away your words; simply use them wisely. Instead of investing in multiple shorter pieces that are ‘just okay’, spend your time writing and creating longer content that will entice the reader to find out more about several different subjects.

Consistency is key

It can be tempting to venture out and try new tones or to be edgy in your content, but it’s important to stay focused and consistent. Once you’ve established your brand, your copywriting should follow suit and always hit the same mark. After all, the last thing you want is to confuse your target audience by going outside the box of what works for your brand and is expected of it.

The tone of voice in your copy is what makes you who you are and helps you stand out. Be consistent in the coming year and if your previous content is working for you, keep at it.

Grammar is your friend

Bad grammar is the number one offence when it comes to poor content. In 2018, you need to put editing first because if you can’t spell your product names correctly, your audience isn’t going to have much faith in you. Make sure that checking your grammar and proofreading are the first and last things you do before your copy goes out.

It won’t matter if you have the cheapest prices, or if your website design is the most eye-catching if your readers can’t make sense of the content. Plus, if they spot errors in it, they won’t want to engage with your business.

Even when you feel like you’ve proofread your copy to death, have one more look before sending it to a client or posting. Don’t slack when it comes to proofreading your copy; it’s a discipline that will pay off in the long run. Sometimes, your consumer won’t be able to tell what makes good content, but bad content will stand out automatically.


Take on board these resolutions for 2018 and you’ll be on your way to a successful year of content production.

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