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5 reasons you need to use YouTube for business

Even though businesses understand the social relevance of YouTube not everyone realises its bigger potential for bringing in new clients.

While the majority of views may be focused around cute cat videos or comedy sketches, businesses can achieve a much more personal approach to their advertising by getting on board.

Here are our top 5 tips why you should get filming:

1. Offer the Personal Touch

It’s pretty clear, thanks to the success of social media, that customers like their brands to have personality. YouTube is therefore the most suitable platform to give your clientele what they want. They can hear you, see you and really get a feel for the company’s attitude. Getting up close and personal can seem intimidating but it pays off.

The key to video marketing is to capture your viewers’ attention in the first 10 seconds. So think about what you would like to see in a video and what would you actually click on. Try to be personal, entertaining and informative to get your point across, just like Home Depot’s impressive Bucket List videos:

2. Target a New Audience

You may have a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ but YouTube attracts a completely different audience. By not getting involved you will miss an opportunity to interact with a new demographic of potential customers. Also, by creating a new, creative video you can take the opportunity change industry stereotypes and drive in new interest. Audiences will take notice.

3. Take the Opportunity to go Viral

The point of marketing is to try and help your business reach a large audience. YouTube is famous for viral videos, because they are fast, fun and so easy to share on different social networks and websites. But how can you go viral? Start by using Google Adwords to see what keywords will attract your audience and by using Analytics, check your competitors videos to see how they achieved their successes, or contact an SEO marketing agency for help. Then it’s all about sharing your great work.

4. Become an Online Expert

A lot of YouTube’s most popular videos are ‘How To’ and advice videos. By doing videos like that companies can provide insights and show off their expertise. But it’s not all one sided. Along with relevant and interesting content, customers like to get company insights but in a fast and interesting way, take this example by The Co-Operative:

It offers insights into company values, it makes customers think and that’s all been done in 35 seconds.

5.  Be Responsive

Things go wrong in business, it’s inevitable. But YouTube is a great way to actually respond personally to these mishaps. Social media channels are all helpful in doing this, but video offers a much more approachable solution. But it’s not all doom and gloom either, use the video channel to celebrate company achievements – show off your successes too.

YouTube is a very useful tool for business and so getting on board is a great idea. The more ways you can provide your customers with an insight into your business the better. It’s time to get the video camera out.