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5 Powerful Examples of Recruitment Copywriting

While job seekers have long fretted over the mere six seconds prospective employers spend looking at their CVs, it’s now the recruiter’s turn to worry.

With bounce rates on career pages as high as 98%, grabbing potential talent’s attention requires creativity and skill.

Well-written recruitment copy can overcome this hurdle and provide multiple benefits. Firstly, it helps recruiters and businesses to be found organically by search engines, where 80% of job searches start. Secondly, it convinces candidates of the appeal of a role, and finally, it lends insight into the culture and personality of your company.

Below are 5 of the best recruitment copywriting examples we’ve uncovered:

Innocent Drinks compelling company culture



Bland job descriptions and overused company phrases like ‘we believe in innovation and hard work’, have a tendency to blend together – especially for a job applicant looking at multiple companies. Innocent Drinks completely bucks this trend of monotony with witty, snappy wording and a distinctive tone across their recruitment pages.

Communicating this unmistakable voice immediately shows potential candidates Innocent’s style and – indirectly – their company culture. It’s entertaining to read, which in turn makes it appear that working for Innocent would be just as much fun.

With nearly 80% of millennials listing the ‘people and culture fit’ as more important than career potential, copying Innocent’s approach will attract like-minded individuals who slot seamlessly into existing teams.

Huge’s use of one alienating slogan



Huge grabs candidates’ attention immediately with its bold headline: “Get paid for giving a shit.” Straight away, this communicates a strong personality and no-nonsense way of thinking that candidates can identify with.

Some will not, which in the marketing world is called ‘alienating the non-prospect‘. In effect, this means Huge is essentially turning away prospects who find the slogan too abrasive – all without needing to do any actual vetting. In turn, Huge knows that those candidates who do apply for positions are already on board with this bold aspect of the brand.

Huge goes on to list the top five reasons to join their company, which as our fast-paced world has proven, is an effective way to grab short attention spans quickly and simply.

Mashable’s mastering of LinkedIn


Social media giant LinkedIn’s whole persona is geared toward business networking and job searches. So as a brand, especially an online media company like Mashable, a well-optimised profile tells your story succinctly and adds an element of trust for readers.

Mashable uses one paragraph for their company description – a bite-sized snippet that gives you key elements without too much mundane history. For instance, they highlight important statistics, such as their 45 million monthly visitors and 30 million social followers, and their company values so that candidates understand the pieces of their brand that matter most.

Their regular updates from various industry experts also draw in a wide demographic and introduce prospective employees to Mashable’s content. A regularly updated jobs section also makes searching for positions simple.

MailChimp’s innovative job descriptions



In 2015, MailChimp decided that standard job descriptions just weren’t working for their recruitment. So, they brainstormed a new way to appeal to potential candidates that drew parallels between a fun, nostalgic item – baseball cards – and the qualifications needed to work at MailChimp.

While this idea was primarily off-the-web – they actually printed the cards and sent them to subscribers of their Chimpington Post magazine – they also covered all their bases (excuse the pun) by publishing a blog post about the innovation behind the idea.

When traditional methods grow stale, a fresh perspective can shake things up and draw in playful, early-adopter prospects.

Red Frog Events’ landing pages


Sometimes, it’s easier to tell job seekers who you are via other landing pages linked from your jobs page. That’s what Red Frog Events decided to do, after winning several company culture awards and realising their culture is a unique selling point for the business.

So, instead of packing all of their information on to one career page, they naturally refer potential candidates to their ‘Our Culture’ landing page, which immediately makes working for this brand look like a blast.

It also concisely notes the extensive benefits you get as an employee of Red Frog, including a one-month, paid sabbatical after five years with the company and one work-from-home day per week. Having this separate page also gives them a second chance to rank in Google for search terms like ‘What’s it like to work for Red Frog?’

Where to begin

Working with a copywriting agency will ensure you have the right recruitment copy to demand job seekers’ attention and make them feel like the job was made for them. A successful recruitment page lends transparency about the job roles and company culture so that candidates get to know you before they actually apply.

In a competitive job market, it’s also a great opportunity to sell your company and stand out from generic offerings. WooContent offers copywriting services for recruitment companies, so if you’re looking to make your copy work harder, get in touch today!