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The 5 most-read blogs and why they’re special

Writing a blog might seem pretty simple and in theory, it is, unless you want it to become one of the most read examples on the internet. That takes certain skills and excellent copywriting ability, so which are the most popular as of 2019 and how do they keep their readers’ attention?

Business Insider

Despite the name, it’s not only business that’s written about on this all-encompassing blog. Covering tech, finance, politics and general-interest stories, Business Insider aims to offer a no-nonsense overview of what’s happening in the world and the formatting further amplifies its unfluffy approach to current affairs.

2017 was a record year for views for owner Henry Blodget and his team and the success of the blog is intrinsically connected to a comprehensive complementary social media presence. Using Facebook and Instagram to showcase interesting new articles, followers click through to the blog in their droves and fellow bloggers regularly link to the site as well, creating new traffic streams.

The Verge



Covering the full spectrum of human interest, The Verge was founded in 2011 in a bid to bring technology news to the masses, with easy-to-read and enjoyable articles that demonstrated how new innovations impact on everyday life. In order to stand out from the crowd in a saturated blogosphere, The Verge has been a multimedia project from the start, featuring editorial pieces alongside video content and podcasts.

Having branched out into entertainment reporting, the easy-to-navigate blog has become a daily favourite with an enormous audience that doesn’t want to scour numerous sites to find out everything that’s happening. The straightforward article titles are a breath of fresh air in a pun-driven online world as well.


It’s a digital world, and TechCrunch has leapt at the opportunity to report on all things technology based. While there are a number of simplistic articles included, those with technological know-how benefit most from TechCrunch’s blog and keep coming back for informative reviews, editorials and announcements.

Founded in 2005, this was one of the first blogs to talk in detail, about tech start-ups and where they sourced their funding from, leading to a niche place in the blogosphere and interest from AOL, which eventually purchased TechCrunch in 2010 for US$25 million. It continues to build its audience through reliable daily reporting and the popular TechCrunch Disrupt annual conference.




Still touting itself as a ‘men’s fashion, lifestyle and fitness’ publication, the GQ blog enjoys popularity across the board, thanks to its forward-thinking approach to traffic-inducing editorials. The popularity of the blog stems from the sleek look of the magazine, originally founded in the 1930s and enjoying a considerable legacy on high-street shelves, being available daily and via any electronic device.

Alongside light-hearted interest pieces such as ‘The 100 albums you need to own’, readers can also find good old-fashioned hard-hitting journalism and surprising editorials. Just this year, the GQ Awards, which traditionally recognise men who have accomplished excellence, named Greta Thunberg, the teenage, female, Swedish activist as ‘Game Changer of the Year’. Gone are the scantily clad model pictures – in their place are engaging editorials, men’s fashion and grooming tips for skincare-savvy gentlemen.


Targeting a young female audience, Refinery29 was founded with a mission to educate and inspire in equal measure, while delivering exceptional editorials and inspiring storytelling. It’s a high mantle but the blog has cornered the market thanks to an inclusive vibe and a desire to be truly diverse, all since 2005.

Offering colourful fashion stories, uplifting life editorials and beauty-myth debunker, Refinery29 has become both a little slice of daily escapism and a reliable source of female-relevant news. It also uses social media to further bolster its loyal reader numbers; a quick look at its Instagram page reveals a cacophony of colours, body shapes and empowering slogans.

At one time, there might have been a clearer gender divide between the most-read blogs, with ‘mum blogs’ proving exceptionally popular, but today, business, tech and general lifestyle sites are reigning supreme. Perhaps this represents a shift in gender roles and attitudes or even the ages of audiences, but whatever the reason, there’s something oddly satisfying about tech blogs being the most read, on the internet, via electronic devices. How meta.

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