18th June 2020

5 Blogger Outreach Tips

Blogger outreach refers to when a business enlists the services of a blogger to stimulate product engagement and drive awareness for services. Such partnerships leverage on gaining access to the blogger’s community and using their influence to earn the trust of their community.

What blogger outreach services offer

The process of entering a partnership can be time-consuming: from selecting a blog that is a good fit for your brand/product to price negotiations and coming up with the right strategy. There are no guarantees that the selected strategy will be successful. Choosing a professional blogger outreach service evens the odds and gives you the opportunity of selecting ideal influencers and a suitable strategist.

The marketing industry today recognises the power of blogger outreach to online marketing. Influencer/blogger marketing does wonders for brand awareness and public relations; however, many brands have failed to recognise the positives that come from leveraging on such strategic relationships, and you don’t want to be one of them.

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Blogger-brand liaisons

Many companies don’t realise just how important bloggers and influencers are today. Even though blogger outreach and influencer marketing have been proven to be critical to digital marketing success, too many businesses have created needless animosity between themselves and players in this budding industry because they dislike what they stand for and how much of a following they possess.

Here are 5 tips to help you understand influencer marketing if you want to engage the services of influencers to push your story and achieve impressive results.

1. Blogging is serious business

The first thing to realise is that blogging is not just an attempt to keep busy by scribbling down a few words that people pay little attention to. A lot of companies have this attitude to blogging and lose the opportunity to snap up a blogger’s services. Bloggers have followers growing from thousands into millions. Their sites have become a reliable place for trending information on a wide variety of topics, so don’t miss out.

2. Blogging is not charity

The numbers speak for themselves on this one. Influential bloggers have the reach and influence to give you an extra advantage, and nobody is going to offer that to you without expecting you to pay. Influencer marketing often comes with a team, and no one is going to put in that many hours of work for free samples. The easiest way to lose them is to come to the negotiating table with this mindset. It is disrespectful to their craft, too. Perfecting the art of blogging takes years of experience and hours of hard work. This is what you are paying for when you hire them.

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3. Be fair with payment

Never treat bloggers like you are doing them a favour. Bloggers understand their readers and connect with them through their posts and comments.  A blogger’s biggest currency is trust. They reserve the right to refuse a strategy that puts the trust of their readers at risk. It keeps their readers’ following and grows their numbers over time. Bloggers must find the right balance between advertising and uploading content so as not to send messages that conflict with their niche. To do so would lose them followers, which would be bad for you, too. Your job as a commercial partner is for your content not to conflict with their niche, and trust their judgement when they decline content that creates this, as it serves no purpose to either of you.

4. Trust their judgement

If you are already considering working with a blogger, you have some measure of faith in their ability to deliver for you. Bloggers know their audience. They know how to get their attention. This is an art perfected over time, so you should trust them to know what will have the desired impact. Profitable partnership between brands and bloggers is based on mutual trust.

5. Be patient

Finally, you need to give some time for all the hard work to pay off. Bloggers work with schedules and observe trends, using them to work in their favour for a wider reach and desired impact. Bloggers go through planning, writing and editing, using bold images and SEO techniques to gain traction for the posts before uploading them on various social media. They know you have deadlines, but a prior understanding of these processes requires patience for the best results.

You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression, so you do your due diligence when choosing who to drive your influencer marketing campaign. Think long-term when choosing the right blogger outreach agency to drive awareness and rake in those numbers. Are you a start-up company that wants to maximise publicity on a relatively cheap budget? Set the ball rolling with the right influencer and get ready to reap impressive rewards. Treat them right, and you will get the best to want to work with you. They are important to you, and they are important to us, too!

If you would like to know how our blogger outreach agency could be of benefit to your business, feel free to get in touch with us.


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