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15 Fail-Safe Blog Post Ideas for Travel Bloggers

Everyone falls foul of writer’s block at some time or another. Sometimes it’s easy to find inspiration – others, not so much.

With constant reminders that posting regular content is the key to keeping and growing your audience, realising you’re stumped for ideas is often cause for a sinking feeling.

While it’s considered good practice not to just write for the sake of writing, chances are you haven’t actually run out of things to say. Your experiences, tips and advice can provide a wealth of information for those who need it. From re-purposing ideas to publishing new pieces, there’s always something more to add.

If you’re stuck in a rut and in need of a little inspiration for your travel blog, there are a handful of categories to consider when conjuring up titles: ‘How To’ guides, handy lists, destination-specific offerings, inspiration and of course, personal insights.

How To Guides

For example:
– How to Dress Like a Local in ______
– How to Pack a Suitcase in 30 Minutes
– How to survive a long-haul flight

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an expert on one part of the world or a globe-trotting wonder when it comes to answering travel questions, chances are you’re ready to respond. ‘How To’ posts offer your readers solutions to all the things they’re looking up in Google – whether that’s ‘how to learn a foreign language without leaving your bed’‘how to see the world sustainably’, or any manner of other things.


Handy lists

For example:
– 15 Destinations For First-Time Backpackers
– 10 phrases to learn before you travel
– 12 ways to be a tourist in your hometown

When writing an article, consider the fact that everyone loves a list. We love making them, we love reading them, we love crossing things off them. A travel audience is a bucket list sort of audience, and like any potential readership you’ll find that bullet points and clearly defined subsections help to grip their attention. 20 of the cheapest places to travel5 advantages of travelling solo – you don’t need to get on a plane to write these types of posts. Write from your own experience or from internet research and hey presto, a list post is born.



For example:
– Visiting ______ On a Budget
– Must-see sights in __
– One day in __

There are lots of posts you can write without needing to have ever left your bed, but let’s assume that if you’re the author of a travel blog you have done a fair bit of travelling. Even if you’ve already written a great guide to a particular destination, there’s nothing to stop you looking at it from a different angle. Budget Beijing is a great post, but so are What To Eat In Beijing and One Day In Beijing Itinerary. Get the most from your knowledge by considering the different topics and categories you can cover in a single city.


Personal insights

For example:
– What’s left on my bucket list
– My travel essentials
– That time when __

These should be a no-brainer, but often when you’re trying to think of something that’ll interest other people, you strike personal insights off the list. Don’t do it! Lists and how-tos are all very well, but one of the reasons people look to a travel blog over a guidebook is that a blog can offer a more genuine collection of information. Your existing readers will enjoy the idea that they’re getting to know you better through posts like ‘How travel taught me not to give a f**k‘, while new viewers will get to know your style and attitudes in titles such as ‘Things I never travel without‘.



For example:
– Best trips under £__
– _____ vs _____ (e.g hostels vs Airbnb, backpackers vs glampackers)
– Weird and wonderful international cuisine

It isn’t necessarily personal, it doesn’t have to all be about a specific destination, there’s no How To and it may well not be a list – but an inspirational post is your absolute bread and butter as a travel blogger. Travel happens when we feel inspired to visit a new place, try a new thing or enjoy a new experience. From comparing hostels to Airbnbs to asking ‘If you had a million dollars, where would you go?‘, inspirational titles can spur readers to plan their next adventure.


Still not feeling inspired? If you’re still feeling stuck, perhaps it’s time to feature a guest post or publish an interview; as a copywriting agency, we can help you do just that.

Review a product you really rate or share a recipe for some great local food you once tried abroad – the possibilities are almost endless.

If you need a hand taking your travel copywriting writing up a notch and planning a great travel content strategy, get in touch to find out how our team of travel experts can help.